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Although it’s generally the British Empire which is subjected to the torches and pitchforks of the baying middle-class faux left wing, in fact, the French Empire, and the Dutch Empire, were also vast, and formed out of the same impetus to explore, trade, and civilise. As enlightened, advanced nations which had a close connection to the sea – and had moved beyond the petty, bloody, incestuous squabbling and feudalism which still absorbed most of Europe – we made the most of an outward-looking mentality and made vast amounts of money, building networks which endure to this day.

Along the way, we ended slavery – taking out such vast national loans to buy, and free every slave in the empire and sustain the businesses which had depended on slave labour until they could function with paid labour, that we made the last payment in 2014 – and installed democracy and infrastructure.

We don’t need imposed lessons in “diversity” because it is a natural event to us: in the 19th century, Britain was paying for people from the “West Indies” to attend British universities, training as doctors, lawyers, etc – and not only men, but women, too; at a time when it was unthinkable for a British woman to attend university.

The Commonwealth keeps on growing – last year another nation rejoined, and others are in line to be accepted into the club. And each nation is as unique as it’s people, retaining only those laws and customs of Britain which suited them.
It’s a little-known fact that India retained 97% of the laws of the Raj – and when the last governor of India was murdered by the scuttling cowards of the IRA, India declared a week of national mourning.

The European Empires were begun by men of immense courage from maritime nations, buccaneers who set sail in wooden ships into hostile seas, for unknown destinations – some of which turned out to be as hostile as the seas, and many explorers were brutally killed by those whose lands they arrived at: some explorers genuinely did end up as dinner. History must be viewed in context, and at the time this was seen as normal behaviour – just as the Ottoman Empire, and other eastern Empires were considered normal in their time.

What the maritime European nations didn’t do, what nobody has done since the 16th century in Europe – with the brief interlude of Napoleon, who imposed ‘right side driving’ on his provinces, because he was left-handed, and was taken down by an alliance – was, in the 20th century, brutally invade our neighbours, slaughter millions in the most unimaginably hideous ways, build nightmare drug cartels, reduce industries and towns to a scorched earth, defraud free European nations of their democracy and identity, invite untold numbers of unknown aliens to occupy the entire continent – then metaphorically stand, hands dripping blood, say: “Look what you made me do!”, then burst into tears and demand that everyone feels sorry for us.

It’s important to remember that Germany is a century younger than America. Until 1871, Germany was formed of 39 states. Having unified under a militaristic loony with a withered arm, who had close ties to the British royal family, they sat up, looked around, and realised that many of their neighbours had formed vast, wealthy overseas empires while they were quarrelling with each other about which braid should adorn a pair of lederhosen. There they were, the biggest country in Europe, but without the international clout of countries which, to their eyes, had inexplicably liberal governments. The First World War, which the aforementioned faux-left like to write off as a meaningless bickering, in fact had a rallying call in Berlin: “We demand a place in the sun!” It was an attempt to steal what they had not had the guts or foresight to build.

It takes a very particular mindset to hack civilisations out of the wilderness, and the German states lacked that mind-set; what they preferred was to burgle their neighbour’s houses and take what they’d acquired on their travels. To build something from nothing, in nowhere, for instance, involves not being terrified of the unfamiliar.

The Germans worry about some very unimportant matters: the regulatory bend of a banana, the size of a pencil, the time in which children may be heard playing, the use of a pram (I well remember a German I worked with being genuinely distressed at seeing a man pushing his disabled dog in a pram, not because the dog had a bad leg, but because “prams are for babies not dogs.”) And, working with tourists, I found that so many Germans expressed their horror that we don’t share their taste in toilets. German toilets have a small ledge at the back of the bowl, which catches “solids”. This makes German toilets very smelly places, but, as numerous Germans explained to me, all EU members MUST soon install such toilets so that we can examine faecal matter for worms and abnormalities. (My response to that, is that when I’ve eaten something, I don’t want to see it again.)

Anyway, this petty, anxious mindset is not one which can go anywhere without the need to impose it’s small concerns on everyone it encounters, and this is not the way to win friends and influence people. The neurotic, overbearing, nit-picking control of issues which don’t matter, is one of the primary things which irritate non-Germans about the EU.

When an individual cannot create what he wants, but has an overwhelming sense of entitlement and so, tries to take what he wants from his neighbours, and then force on those neighbours the responsibility for his own outrageous actions, we call him a psychopath because that is precisely what he is. And the last thing to do with a psychopath, is give him the shared use of the hardware and security systems which his neighbours constructed to defend themselves against him. The EU hasn’t kept the peace in Europe: what has done so, is NATO, and the presence of hundreds of thousands of mainly US and UK troops based in Germany.

Germany is a rich, regional power, which does very well when it is not trying to impose it’s German-ness on other people. They have many sterling qualities, but their history constantly pushes them into a corner, where they live a lie because so much of their history is so utterly appalling. They are currently forcing on Europe a suicidal level of migration, because they are too scared to admit that the Holocaust was a German plot, not a Western plot: unable to stomach the truth of German Guilt, they are rewriting it as Western Guilt.

They also live in other people’s past, with a hangover of resentment at the power-bases built by their neighbours when Empire-building was in vogue.
But the days of Empire are done. All Empires fall, always have done, because self-determinism, and national identity, are the strongest forces in collective humanity. The Germans are not a global power, with wide-reaching influence. They missed the Empire boat. They must stop trying to digest other people’s identities, like a boa constrictor, and accept the fact that very few people want to be German, mainly because, when Germans are not decimating their neighbours, they are actually very conformist, anxious, and rather boring.

The EU – which is the German Hat Trick, the third, heel-drumming “I’m big and fat so gimme me own way” attempt to force their own will on their neighbours in a single century – will go the way of the previous two attempts, but, as before, not without huge cost.

How many more times must the nations of Europe, and those who love those nations, pay the price for Germany’s tantrums?


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