Yesterday was a very significant moment for our Royal Family, The Queen, at 94 and with a husband gravely ill in a London hospital, performed her duty by celebrating and sending good wishes to a Commonwealth containing over 2 billion citizens, many different ethnicities, and a veritable collage of cultures. Needless to say citizens of many Commonwealth countries have made – and continue to make – the United Kingdom their home. Despite a concerted media effort to portray this country as some kind of xenophobic and insular backwater in which endemic racism is as common as daffodils in April, we’re still a magnet for people from across the globe seeking safety, democracy and personal betterment.

In the meantime and 5,000 miles away, two self-exiled minor royals were still smarting from the Queen’s decision that it simply wasn’t possible to preserve all the titular and privileged trappings of royalty whilst shunning the duties that go with it. In revenge, they unleashed a reservoir of toxic criticism designed to sully the Royal Family’s global reputation. One used the memory of his mother to tug at the public’s heart strings. The other invoked that well-used trump card of ‘racial persecution’. The interviewer, not past occasionally playing to the gallery of black victimhood herself notwithstanding personal wealth of $1.7 billion, took both their responses at face value. Not once was there anything approaching a set of probing questions designed to test the veracity of their responses. It was a 90-minute fest of unsubstantiated emotional schmaltz: Haz and Meg played the injured party, and Oprah lapped it up.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of hearing about race and alleged racial injustice in the UK. We are a country where ethnic minorities are visible in all spheres of life. Yet all we seem to get from a combination of cultural Marxists, acting in tandem with the more ‘chip-on-the-shoulder’ elements of minority communities (Markle is a quintessential example of such), is an endless charge sheet of spurious racism claims. In order to satiate their cultural agenda we’re told we have to tear down statues, change the names of our institutions, employ positive discrimination in the workplace, and now they even have our monarchy in their cross hairs.

‘Hollywood celebrities & now a royal duo lecture us about what are supposed to be society’s flaws: sexism, racism; the endless stream of microaggressions caused by an errant word, or the illustrations in the Dr. Seuss books.’ So wrote Gerard Baker in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. That’s about as analytically perceptive a piece as you’re likely to read from a media bubble otherwise keen to facilitate Haz and Meg’s interminable bleating. For there are not two types of people who dominate the narratives in both the celebrity and media worlds:

1. Those who are Woke.
2. Those who pretend to be Woke.

We’re still fortunate the general public is capable of independent thought. And, judging by the criticism those two have garnered over the past 12 hours, the public are not afraid to air it, either.

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