by Mandy Baldwin

And so the Supreme Court of the United States has rubber-stamped the habitual Democrat blood-letting. The Supreme Court – faced with incontrovertible evidence of nothing less than a Communist coup – chose to chicken out and deny half the population of the USA a right to be heard. Why? Well, probably for the simple reason most people chicken out: self-interest, corruption, a sense of being removed enough from the results of elections to simply not care what is right or wrong. But mostly because the Democrats – the party which was born in the cess pits of the KKK, and ever since has busily allied itself to the Mafia, the Nazis, the IRA; has funded ISIS and bombed to powder the last places in which the language of Jesus Christ was spoken – have continued as they began, and have fed off the insanity and violence of BLM and Antifa.

The Grand Chickens of the Supreme Court basically don’t want their stuff getting smashed and for that reason are prepared to betray the land won with toil and courage, the light of Democracy, and the Constitution they vowed to uphold. Today, the Supreme Court of the USA has protected traitors.

In place of the man who has just brokered peace in the Middle East, they have defended the most ludicrous, corrupt excuse for a presidential candidate in the history of the United States: a man who defends his sons who are under investigation for their links with China, a man who brags of getting children to stroke his legs, a man who can’t string a sentence together, and thought he was campaigning against George Bush. A man whose supporters include a woman who publicly incited “soldiers” to kill Trump supporters. The Supreme Court has delivered America to a blood-drenched, senile child-sniffer.

The whole world – sorry, no: the whole world apart from those who are complicit in the coup d’etat – knows that the 2020 US election was crooked. Not just mildly dodgy, but as toxic, dishonest, criminal and malignant as the entire history of the Democrat Party. Out of cowardice, disregarding the fact that they have now forever marked themselves as the lowest form of human life, the Supreme Court of the United States has butchered Democracy, and set in train events which will, bar a successful armed uprising of the good and the true, murder thousands upon thousands of innocent people, world-wide, while, in America itself, every known perversion and atrocity will be unleashed upon the good people who simply wanted peace, prosperity, freedom and Democracy in one nation under God.

Talking of God, I doubt the treacherous cowards of SCOTUS believe in any power higher than themselves; but if by chance they do, they should get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness: and maybe someone up there might view their cowardice with compassion.

One thing’s for certain: as the Biden Blood-bath commences, nobody down here ever will.

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