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I grew up in Birmingham. My friends were white and black, race wasn’t an issue for me then and it isn’t an issue for me now.  My issue is with Islam and when I say Islam, I mean every part of Islam. From it’s misogyny and homophobia to its racism and bullying.  Islam can easily be described with one word – fear.  Islam uses fear to dominate and I know how fear is used.  I was dominated with fear through extreme violence. As a child I was punched, kicked, whipped, stripped naked, and abused. Fear dominated me. I endured that fear until I was fifteen years old and able to fight back.

I discovered Islam’s abuse of women and children through Anne Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson and a woman who is my personal hero, Shazia Hobbs.  I am, as many of us are, angry. Not only at the abuse children are being put through but also angry with the mainstream media for not reporting something they should be reporting. I set up a Twitter account and spent hours on end exposing as many Muslim paedophiles and rape gangs as I could. There aren’t enough hours in the day to expose the sheer volume of Islam’s crimes against children; it’s literally impossible to keep up.  I was able to fight back against fear but I was a boy against one man.  The little girls being held down and raped, shared by unknown numbers of grown men then left to shiver in fear, can’t fight back.   We have to expose what the mainstream media refuse to expose and hope that more and more people come to realise that we’re not racist and we are not the enemy. We’re simply an alert enemy; it’s that elementary.

I was asked once ‘Why do you use that BBC lefty character? You should pick a different one.’ I use the character precisely because of that reason; it’s rubbing the BBC’s collective noses in their faces.

They were so proud of the ‘Three girls’ documentary and although it was a wake up call for Britain and showed the organized rape of British children by Muslim gangs, as I pointed out in a tweet to them the next day that it wasn’t ‘Three girls’ it was ‘Fourteen hundred girls’ and that they were ‘Thirty years too late’.

And let’s be honest, they were. Every grinning face you see repeating the same five news stories every half an hour to drive home whatever today’s anti-Brexit or pro-Muslim propaganda piece is as guilty as the Muslim men that pin little girls to a mattresses and inject them with heroin. That’s because they know. Just as every politician, every Chief Superintendent and every blue ticked celebrity that scurries to jump on the bandwagon of virtue signalling the next ‘me too’ hashtag that appears, they know.

Where’s their moral outrage at the working class children that are ‘me too’?  It’s tucked away in the ‘it’s okay’ and ‘my children are okay’ part of the brain. It’s easy to put them in their place when it comes to their lack of empathy because the truth can’t be argued against.

The truth is Islam doesn’t mean submission and it doesn’t mean peace, it means fear.