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During 2015 at the height of the refugee crisis, Sweden took in more migrants per capita then any other European nation. But what lasting effect has that had on the people and the country of Sweden?

Crime –
By the end of 2015, a record breaking 163,000 people applied for asylum in Sweden – almost double the previous record set in the Early’s 1990s during the Balkan crisis. In the same year in Sweden a staggering 5,918 rapes or sexual assaults were reported which happens to be Sweden’s second highest reported number. But what may have cause this sharp uptake in sexual attacks? Could it be due to the increase in immigration? Violent crime has also soared, in January this year a 63 year old man was killed when a hand grenade was thrown into the street. In Gothenburg, another incident occurred involving a hand grenade, when one was again thrown into a kitchen of an apartment block, this unfortunately is not new to Gothenburg, two years ago in the same predominantly populated migrant suburb an 8 year old British boy was brutality murdered in the same fashion, and in Malmo another grenade was thrown at a police station, thankfully on this occasion no one was seriously injured. However for the Swedes this is now an all-too-common occurrence, gun violence is on the rise and in the past 9 years attempted murder has doubled.

But what is the Swedish government doing to protect its citizens and country? Well in truth absolutely nothing. The Prime Minister’s wavering shows what happens when you fail to integrate immigrants and instead tolerate the creation of a society within a society. Swedish cities and towns are now littered with no go zones, where the barbaric Sharia law is unlawfully imposed. So why don’t the government and its authorities crack down hard on these groups? Because its quite simply too late; like a tumour, the cancer has spread leaving Sweden and its people writhing in agony and distress. The UK must take note. Once great and beautiful cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg are reduced to mere shells of their former selves. We only need to look at the surge of violent crime in our capital city of London to know our time may soon be up.

The attack –
On the 7th of April 2017 in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, a rejected asylum seeker known as Mr. Rakhmat Akilov hijacked a lorry and the preceded to deliberately drive that lorry into innocent pedestrians going about their daily lives, brutally killing 5 and seriously injuring many more. Now Mr Akilov was not of Syrian descent, he was born in the communist state of the Soviet Union. But what drove him to kill? Mr Akilov expressed deep sympathies with extremist organizations, among them the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant better know as ISIL.

In summary, time is of the essence for the Swedish nation, to protect thousands of years of past history and to protect the future they must rise and fast. Its not racist, or fascist to care about your country, to want what’s best for generations to come. On Sunday 9th September 2018 Sweden has their general election, I hope and pray, for the sake of their children and grandchildren to come, that they make the right choice, before its too late.

By David Stewart