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The ‘Theresa The Appeaser’ rants are now more rampant than ever and it truly amazes me that so many so-called Brexiteers like UKIP and others are doing so much scaremongering and attacking the only person who is in a position to deliver Brexit. I do seriously wonder what they actually expect to achieve by spouting such unfounded nonsense, stating that May is selling us out and we are going to leave the EU in name only, there is no evidence of that whatsoever or if there is I have certainly not seen any.

Theresa May has quite rightly so, held her cards very close to her chest throughout the EU exit negotiations, so all those scaremongering are simply second-guessing what she is actually doing. If I could find any proof I would be shouting along with them but I seriously have not seen any. So what is the point of trying to scupper our only horse in the race? I came to the conclusion that May was playing a much smarter game than many realised when she made that rather strange ‘Florence Speech’ offering the EU such a good deal, you can offer whatever you like when you know they cannot ever agree to a deal anyway. If they were to do so that would entice 27 other EU states to also demand a better deal or follow our lead in Brexit, that is already happening in Italy and other EU states, so the EU simply cannot risk the EU falling apart by agreeing to any deal with the UK. This is the reason why they are making things so difficult in the negotiations and they know full well that it will all fall apart once the trade deal talks start, hence they are doing everything they can to delay that inevitability.  That is blatantly obvious by their actions so far…

The Customs Union argument is just another red herring like the Irish border, Turkey (a non-EU country) has been in an EU Customs union since 1995 and has made some very lucrative trade deals with countries outside the EU, such as America for example. Take a look at the Turkey Trade Agreements and you will see for yourselves…


So there is not one singular EU Customs Union there are variations that are all part and parcel of Trade Agreements with the EU and that is yet to be negotiated and I doubt that will not happen until after May walks away on a ‘No Deal Brexit’, the EU will force her to do that eventually anyway.

So instead of making up nonsense about May, let us start pointing out some positives that are in our favour when May does walk. May still has a couple of very good trump cards to play yet which the scaremongerers seem to be very silent about…

Article 8 Lisbon Treaty.

  1. The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation.

The Lisbon Treaty is the EU’s own rulebook and they have to abide by it or breach international law, which they will not risk doing. Remember that special relationship that Cameron was always shouting about before the EU referendum, well we were always going to have that ‘Special Relationship’ when we left anyway, their rulebook enforces it.

Article 24 World Trade Organisation (WTO) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)


This is an extremely important plus for the UK because both the EU and the UK are WTO members and must both abide by the WTO GATT rules especially article 24. It means that once we leave we could have at least 10 years of Free Trade with the EU anyway. Not really sure why this is not being shouted from the rooftops rather than continuously shouting about ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ and convincing people we are never going to leave the EU.

We are and we are well covered by these to major points, so why not put out a more positive message about Brexit rather than the continuous unfounded Doom & Gloom stories that are all fabricated guesses anyway!

By all means, keep May’s feet held to the fire and make sure as many people as possible turn out for the Brexit Parade on June 23rd in London but constantly attacking her on false beliefs is certainly never going to help ensure she delivers the Brexit that we voted for. The reality is you do not actually need to have faith in May to deliver Brexit, have faith in the knowledge that the EU has no choice but to force May to walk on a ‘No Deal Brexit’ anyway…

Marty Caine

Leader of Engage