A very strange turn of events occurred over here this week. The pesky virus behind Covid-19, which had been declared dead by BLM mass protests at the end of May, is apparently not dead at all but was only on its perch resting, shagged out after a prolonged squawk. It’s back, bigger and badder than ever!

So what now?This has come as a bit of a shock to all of us desperate to get back to our lives. The green light for this was given on Memorial Day when all restrictions were lifted for massive BLM protests, preferably with folks crammed in as close to each other as possible. This coincided with many states moving into opening up their economies again.  And there was peace and joy throughout the land, well except for those killed during the protests and those whose property was completely destroyed.

Although most of us were appalled by the rage and destruction caused by the anarchists and Marxists behind the BLM movement, there was some comfort that this was a catalyst for folks to come to their senses and realize the risk ratio balance had swung too far in favour of shutdown. But now we are being told by “experts,” no less, that the virus is still virulent for all activities apart from protesting, rioting and looting. What a turn-up for the books!

The fact that massed crowds a-protesting and a-rioting do not spread disease came as a big surprise to all of us who had been told of the dangers inherent in even meeting close family members for the last three months.   Luckily, we had the media, along with the ever-present “experts,” to inform us of why this so.  The Associated Press were to the front, as always, with an article, “Experts Find Little Evidence Protests Spread Coronavirus!”  It quotes from a “study” by economists headed up by Dhaval Dave of Bentley University (both the name and the university are apparently real).  In Dubious Dave’s own words: “In many cities, the protests actually seemed to lead to a net increase on social distancing, as more people who did not protest decided to stay off the streets.”  Protests actually slowed the infection rate!  Who knew?  AP then did their own research and came to the same conclusion:  “the Associated Press reviewed trends in daily reported cases in 22 cities with protests.  It found post-protest increases in several cities where experts say other factors were more likely the main drivers.”  You can’t argue with science and great reporting.

The virus, now officially mutated to become woker than the Premier League, may support BLM and leave the protestors alone, but it is strangely still a monster when hanging around normal folks.  Covid-19 cases for States opening up have gone up as folks come into contact more with each other (except for mass protests).  As well as being caused by increased testing, this was predicted back in March as the “flatten the curve” approach the US took to lockdowns only wanted to push out infections over time so that hospital ICUs would not be overloaded.  In addition, another factor is that a mutation of the virus to a less deadly variant has made it easier to infect.  So paradoxically, we have a spike in infections coupled with a plummeting death rate.

The opening up of the economy has had some seriously alarming effects to the forces of the woke. In May, retail sales grew 17%. Then in June the stock market came roaring back. Although there is the popular perception in the media that this is usually only of interest to those wearing top hats and sporting monocles, they have noticed that most of us are delirious with joy as we rely on the markets for our private 401k pensions. And just this week the June job numbers were published and they were disastrous – 5 Million folks are now back to work enjoying life again.  This means that the economy will roar back to what it was in February, following the V-shape recovery that all “expert” economists have assured us is impossible.  Folks are going to be happier than ever, and we have an election coming up!  If this carries on then Trump will be re-elected and not that guy whose name escapes us all right now.  And we most assuredly can’t have that.

So what now?So we have to lock down again!  In California, for example, Los Angeles has had a spike in cases which has caused mega-Dem mayor, Eric Garcetti, to turn his color-coded Covid threat level to Orange; so bad it’s Trump level bad!  Going into the July 4th weekend (biggest holiday weekend in the US, well at least until Lenin’s birthday is enshrined in a woker constitution) Garcetti is fulminating that “gathering with anybody except those you live with may spread the virus.”  He is mandating the closing of everything owned by the City, and stating that Angelenos have to cancel their Independence Day celebrations, avoid family celebrations and only leave the house for critical reasons.  Thank God for the huge BLM protests that have been going on all week, as without them Angelenos would never get out.

So what now?

The new restrictions will likely be in place for quite a while. Republican Governors tend to view rising cases a temporary manageable problem. But Democrats, not just Governors but all politicians, seem more comfortable with a lockdown schedule in effect until November 3rd (election day) if Trump loses, and indefinitely if he wins.  This will be a problem with the American people who are getting a little fed up with all the nonsense. BLM protestors have an outlet of course, but the normal folks don’t and they are getting antsy.

What’s going to happen is that folks will ignore the petty restrictions such as not inviting Grandma over on Independence Day, while following sensible suggestions like wearing masks in indoor settings.  A place like Los Angeles will not have the police to enforce any petty restrictions anyway, as Garcetti and the Council are busy defunding the police to the tune of $450 Million. New York Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, always up for a game of my dick is woker than yours, will be slashing $1 Billion from the NYC police.  Meanwhile other big cities are considering getting rid of the police totally; Minneapolis of course has already done so.

Which brings up the bigger reason why normal folks are getting antsy. They don’t get too fussed about silly policing on whether you have two or the people at a non-BLM protest gathering, but they do care about the ability of the police to protect their lives and property. It has been a while since we last saw violence on this scale. The violence has been going on for the entire month of June with property damage in the billions, and at least 20 folks have been killed. The media has generally shied away from covering it in the last couple of weeks, as even they realized that it was making their narrative of mostly peaceful BLM protests look ridiculous.  When they do it is usually only the mob pulling down a minor statue of the latest outed suspiciously white stone carving.  Some outlets like Fox News have been rather gleefully covering some of the zanier BLM manifestations such as the fortunes of the autonomous “no cop” zone set up in the heart of Seattle.  But most of us are getting our protest news from social media.

The decrying of the police, along with the strategy to defund them in Democrat cities has lead to serious alarming consequences, which have not gone unnoticed by the normal folks whatever the media shows.  Serious crime numbers in the big Dem cities have shot through the roof as cops shy away from policing and the bad guys among us get emboldened. In New York City, murders in May (last month statistics were available) were +77%, and shootings +64%.  In Chicago, which has stats through June, murders and shootings were both +75%.

In consequence, there has been an explosion in private security arrangements for those who can afford it.  Several members of the Minneapolis Council requested taxpayer-funded 24-hour private security after they voted to abolish the police department. We all may think these councillors are crazy, but they’re not that crazy to think the bad guys are going to leave them alone in the same manner that Covid-19 only strikes the unwoke.  Private security is not usually available for normal folks, who have had to make other cheaper arrangements.  Gun sales are now at historically crazy high levels. The background check data (all gun sales need a background check for the buyer) through the end of June shows 19 Million folks have applied to buy a gun in 2020, or the same as the total year number in 2012.  June, the month of the protests, had a dizzying record of nearly 4 Million people buying guns.

So what now?This week we saw a preview of what might happen in our future. In St. Louis a middle-aged couple were caught on camera defending their property from a bunch of BLM protestors.  A large mob of “peaceful” protestors broke into the private property where the couple, ironically supporters of BLM, lived. The mob may have been heroically helping to deter the spread of Covid-19 by BLM protesting, but they also yelled and screamed that they were going to set fire to their house and kill their dog. No police were around and so the couple came out all tooled-up inviting the protestors to move elsewhere. They did.

But you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t when defending your property from the woke mob.  The media instantly characterized them as the forces of white supremacy and the St Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner said she was going to charge them for ‘something” (bit difficult when Missouri law states you can use deadly force to defend yourself on your own property). Ms. Gardner (a Dem, but you guessed that already) had distinguished herself earlier in the week by saying that none of the BLM protestors arrested in the orgy of violence, destruction and murder (of a black retired police captain) that were the St Louis BLM riots earlier in June, would be charged.

Meanwhile, the rest of us made a note to get on down to the gun shop. 

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