22nd September 2019

I’m old enough to remember when the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was a country-wide institution which evoked pride in most people when mentioned. Everybody was grateful for their important work in saving lives, especially during the holiday season in popular areas like the South-West. And in many ways it still does great work, and the members who risk their lives to save others rightly deserve praise and respect for their efforts.

However, over the last year or so a growing body of evidence suggests that the organisation has rapidly been taken over by politically correct jobsworths with no understanding of the spirit of the organisation. It was revealed on the 21st September that 100 jobs in the UK are to be lost, despite the organisation having monetary assets amounting to £126 million. Furthermore, it was revealed last week that millions of pounds of donations were being spent abroad, buying ‘burkinis’ for girls in Africa and the Muslim world. This is despite the organisation making a loss of £6.3 million last year, and even then they have stated they want to increase their foreign spending by £400,000 this year alone.

The left-wing in Britain tried to cover this all up by encouraging a donations surge on social media, and they completely miss the point about the whole debacle. The RNLI was specifically set up to save the lives of British people in endanger at sea off the coast of Britain. It was founded in 1824 as the ‘National Institution for the preservation of life from Shipwreck’. The first word ‘national’ might give you an idea of whom they were, and are, supposed to serve; it was never meant to be an international organisation which deals out foreign aid to Africa.

The reasons why crew members of the organisation have quit or been sacked are even more revealing and quite frankly infuriating. Last year, despite having 15 years’ experience at sea, 2 crewmen were sacked simply because they had tea mugs with pictures of naked women on them. They were sacked over the phone, and another 4 members of staff were so angry they quit in protest. Another incident in 2017 involved a crewmember with 20 years’ service being dismissed simply because he didn’t ask permission when he used a lifeboat to reach a broken down vessel. This sacking caused the entire RNLI staff on the Channel Island of Jersey to mutiny. Another sacking last year involved a crew member with 34 years of service who held an MBE. His ‘crime’ – holding a small training exercise without permission.

The above is all the more shocking when you realise the majority of crewmembers risking their lives to save others are volunteers who are not paid, and have decades of experience at sea that in the modern world is so rare. Having the comradeship you gain thrown in your face after decades of service simply for minor errors or un-PC behaviour is completely ridiculous. It is yet another example of how modern political correctness is sapping the life out of yet another national institution – and we’re all less safe as a result.