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Resident Hunger in Containment Zones In India


How we wish that all our people were rich and they were able to afford their daily bread! The onslaught of Covid-19 forces the residents of many affected localities to stay home as the concerned authorities demarcate the areas as containment zones. Frankly speaking, the gravity of the hardships faced by the people within the containment zones is difficult to assess unless we put ourselves in their shoes.

Many complain that they have felt as if they are inhumanely “neglected” as the supply of the essential food items has not been arranged and the movement has been totally restricted. Can we imagine the condition of the residents who were not allowed to go out to buy the day-to-day essential food-items for nearly a week at a stretch?

Of course, one should agree that in the current pandemic crisis, all interventions should be made towards containing people-to-people contact, and thus breaking the chain of transmission/infection to the maximum level. However, one’s inner feeling also says that the containment zone restriction can be imposed only after making the elaborate “arrangement” for the essential commodities. The authorities cannot remain indifferent and overlook the fact as serious as the current plight of the people who have mostly lost their sources of income or exhausted all their bank balance.

Resident Hunger in Containment Zones In IndiaSo, declaring the areas as containment zones without pragmatically considering the situation is totally unjustified. Also, there is a huge chunk of people who have suffered tremendous “mental anxiety” due to a long period of lockdown coupled with loss of livelihood. Very importantly, each citizen in the containment zone must have better “immunity” to fight the virus. But how on earth can we expect the people to combat the virulent Wuhan disease with their depressed minds and malnourished bodies!

I also appeal to the concerned authorities to kindly opt for the “micro containment zone” formula as in Pune, Mumbai, and New Delhi. This will drastically reduce the responsibility of the government authorities and the police forces. Well, we should salute the volunteers who are helping the residents in the containment zones in procuring the essential items. It is good if they are honored with the certificate for their selfless service.

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Salil Gewali

An India based writer and researcher, Salil Gewali is best known for his research based work entitled “Great Minds on India”, which has earned worldwide appreciation. Translated into twelve languages, his book has been prefaced by world acclaimed NASA Chief Scientist Dr Kamlesh Lulla of Houston, USA.

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