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A brave woman called Amy has published a video of her protest to the police about the Muslims praying in Hyde Park in London near the famous area known as Speakers’ Corner.  Praying in the park is against the Royal Parks policy, but the police have been turning a blind eye to the praying.  Indeed in one video clip from a while ago, an individual got a bit too close to the Muslims and a policeman drew him away.  Now, thanks to Amy’s brave protest, the police have been forced to clarify this park policy and a police representative has requested that Muslim groups formally request permission to pray in the park. At least at the time of this police statement however, there was no attempt to force the Muslims to stop praying in the park, they were simply asked to request formal permission.

This police announcement was followed by some ill-considered comments from the policeman:

“it’s been driven through social media, there’s been a lot of hatred … , a lot of angst against the Muslim community specifically.  It’s raising tensions .. it’s turning more into a public order situation”

Perhaps we should give this policeman the benefit of the doubt in that he may be unaware of the hatred that is expressed in the Islamic texts towards the disbelievers.  This policeman also made a disgraceful reference to “outside groups”, but the park is a public area, it does not belong solely to the Muslims who regularly visit Speakers’ Corner these days!  This was an outrageous statement – it belongs to all of us! It should also be noted that when the police made this announcement there was a large and noisy crowd of young men surrounding the police officers, protesting loudly and some of them were wearing face masks.   (Face masks have regrettably been becoming a regular sight at Speakers’ Corner lately). The police had also been disingenuous in their original conversation with Amy and tried to claim at one point that they “weren’t aware” of such a policy.   The legal situation is being clarified further according to the recent police announcement.

To some this is going to seem like a small issue that is being blown out of all proportion.  Many will ask – why shouldn’t they pray, who is being harmed by it, there are only a few of them?  However, the truth is that this controversy gets to the heart of some of the biggest issues of our times, it is not a trivial matter at all. Many of you reading this article will know well enough why I say that, but we urgently need to explain this truth to a much wider audience.

Equality before the law is one of the most important foundation stones of a peaceful and harmonious society, but this fundamental principle of a fair justice system has been increasingly eroded in the UK.  We have seen the addition of vague laws that criminalize even trivial speech, by their very vagueness it is impossible to enforce these laws consistently.  The police have also increasingly chosen to enforce the law in a selective and discriminatory fashion.  Sometimes the phrase “it’s not in the public interest to prosecute” will be used in an attempt to justify such discrimination – this is often a tactic employed in order to appease the followers of the Islamic religion.  Such discrimination is increasingly resented by non-Muslims, and rightly so.  British Justice, once seen as possibly the fairest justice system in the world and something that the British were rightly proud of, has been degraded to the point where it has frankly become an international embarrassment.

This is not just about equality before the law though.  One of the crucial points made by Amy as part of her complaint to the police was that she feels anxiety when she sees these Muslims praying in the park. Incidentally, one of the individuals who has participated in these prayer sessions has also been identified as an individual who took part in a violent fracas in the park a short time ago, at an event that has been called “the Battle of Speakers’ Corner”.  This Muslim wears a distinctive black and white hat.

Furthermore of course, Amy’s anxiety is also perfectly understandable in light of the bigger picture when we consider the wave of Islamic terrorist atrocities that have been committed in the West in recent years.   These attacks have resulted in very visible changes in the very parks in question. Increasingly we are seeing ugly metal and concrete protective measures (that have been referred to as “Islamophobic Vehicle Barriers” by some) at the entrances to parks and other public spaces in the UK.  It is the fear of attacks inspired by the Islamic religion that have made the sight of these ugly barriers a regrettable fact of life for our city dwellers.  The fact that the authorities are in a state of denial about the motivation for these attacks does not in the slightest alter the truth about those motivations.

Even these above points are not enough to fully explain the issue at hand however.  Those who follow the increasing influence of Islam in the West know that there is more to tell.  When Amy raised the matter with the police many Muslims gathered around her, protesting loudly against her complaint – this must have been an intimidating situation for her.  You might have thought that once they were made aware of the park policy (assuming they had been previously ignorant of it), that they might have politely apologized to all present and promised to stop.  What is compelling them to behave in this way?

If we look further afield to France (which has a larger Muslim population) we see that there have been many incidents where large congregations of Muslims have gathered to pray in the streets – often blocking the traffic.  There is abundant news and video footage available on the internet about this phenomenon.  In some cases they have completely blocked streets from one side to the other and not even pedestrians can get past.  This has led to at least one confrontation that I have seen where a group of French locals gathered close to the Muslims praying and began singing the Marseillaise.

Why are these Muslims doing this? When asked for an explanation, various unsatisfactory answers have been given – there’s not enough room in the mosque, we prefer to pray in the outdoors, we need a new mosque closer by, etc.. In at least some of the cases there were mosques in the vicinity not a very long walk away.  I believe the real purpose is to send a message to us disbelievers that Islam’s influence is growing ever larger and that it will eventually dominate our society.  In the UK we are simply seeing the same behaviour at an earlier stage – when the numbers have grown sufficiently large then probably we too will begin to experience the joys of traffic disruption in the streets at prayer times.  In fact this has already occurred in at least one incident in London that I have read about, albeit on an estate rather than a busy thoroughfare.  In Birmingham there have also been huge prayer sessions in a park there with many thousands of Muslims attending – I assume that the “park policy” in that city is different.

In summary, I believe that Amy was absolutely right to raise her objections. The prayer sessions are a deliberate demonstration, a message to the rest of us about the importance of Islam, and they are designed to propagate the religion.  The policy should be enforced, in fact I suspect that it was probably created precisely in an effort to prevent religious confrontations in the park.  The parks are supposed to be a place of recreation and peace and quiet in the midst of a large and noisy city.  If the Muslims really want to pray in the park they can go and do it somewhere where nobody can see or hear them (there are plenty of wooded areas there).

If the policy is not enforced then I suspect that the prayer groups will grow and become louder, and eventually become an obstruction in some way, and may even begin spilling out into the streets before long, as we see in France. The Islamic religion is one that will use every tactic imaginable in order to propagate itself, not least by intimidation. Unless we want to submit to this intolerant and backward belief system then we must take a stand against every form of encroachment that it makes upon our way of life.