You have to feel sorry for Labour (OK, you don’t but hear me out).

Once they lost the Scottish vote to the SNP, they have done EVERYTHING to suck up to muslims to court the Islamic bloc vote. They’ve literally thrown every principle and moral standpoint away, such is their desperation.

They’ve thrown women under the bus, by holding segregated meetings, seeking approval from the misogynists who see women as inferior.

They’ve thrown the LGBT community under the same bus, refusing to condemn the bigotry that sees over half of UK muslims stating that being gay should be a criminal offence in the UK.

Jews? Forget ‘never again’; they can go too in Labour’s eyes with Labour MPs whipping up angry crowds into a fervour that saw the Jewish community abused on the streets with angry muslim mobs threatening to ‘rape their wives and daughters’.

The 20% of muslims that polls say have ISIS sympathies? Labour court them as well by campaigning on behalf of Shamima Begum, hoping to bring her back to England in the face of overwhelming public opposition.

Union members of the working class? They can go too. A teacher who taught his class about the murderous intolerance of Islamic blasphemy abandoned to fearing for his life, both Labour and the left wing union, the council and MPs all refusing to stand up for his right to teach in the face of intolerant murderous bigots.

The councils have looked they other way as the industrial scale mass rape of children occurred under their noses, as they didn’t want to risk the vote that they now came to rely on. To hell with morality for Labour.

And for what?

On Sunday Labour activists were chased, egged and kicked in the head in Batley & Spen by muslim mobs who are still angry about LGBT rights, Kashmir and Palestine, despite Labour’s best efforts. The candidate even posed with a group wearing tee-shirts calling for the annihilation of Israel, I mean, come on! They’re really tried with this latest leaflet; if only you will hate these other people more than us.

The mainstream press still looks the other way of course and tries to insinuate it is ‘the far right’ being aggressive, with misleading headlines. In some ways they are correct, it *is* the far right, the intolerance of Islam is arguably the most mainstream far right ideology in the UK today.

Appeasing bigotry and intolerance, whilst demonising and smearing the people who call it out can only last so long. Time is up, Labour.

Labour have made the bed they are now forced to lie on. And they couldn’t deserve it more.

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