Leader of the For Britain Party Anne Marie Waters had her home broken into last week, and in an act described by the police as ‘intimidation’, she had her driving licence and card details subsequently posted on the internet. Ms Waters left her house for just a 10 minute period, and during that time someone entered and took her wallet from the kitchen. After 2 police visits, they are looking into the incident as more than just an opportunist robbery, particularly as none of the cards were used or money stolen, simply scattered around Hartlepool then posted on social media by the people who found them.

Those posts were quickly commented on by left wing activists, including Labour candidate for the local elections in Hartlepool, Tom Feeney. Other people who seemed to know about the cards are involved with far left activist group ‘Hartlepool against racism’, and they advised to the person who found the licence to ‘put it in the bin’.

Far Left Activists Hope Not Hate, (recently investigated by the Charity Commission for their ‘charity status’ lines being blurred with political activism), somehow ended up with the details very soon after the incident (we are investigating this, thanks to an ANM source who has further information, but we will not publish until verified). Matthew Collins wasted no time in posting them on the HNH website with a typically juvenile post, falsely claiming that the wallet was ‘dropped’. The owner of the original Facebook post – the lady who found the driving licence – removed her post as this was simply a local matter aiming find the licence owner. She confirmed that no permission was given to Hope Not Hate to use her photograph, which follows a pattern, as in the past they have used images without owner permission.

At time of writing, the driving licence picture is still on the Hope Not Hate website containing personal information. The police have been informed by Ms Waters.

This is the same group that published an address on social media site Twitter in April 2018, resulting in the serious assault of a female journalist after far left activists brought violence to the streets of Kent. They do not seem to be concerned by how their actions can incite the violent fringes of the left, and the potential effect of publishing private information.

Hope Not Hate also recently lost a court case for falsely accusing a Jewish lady of storming a socialist bookstore, and were forced to pay costs.

William Bennett QC, representing Ms Klaff, described her as a “law abiding citizen”, saying she had been caused “great upset and consternation” by Hope Not Hate’s actions.” As a Jew, she was particularly horrified by the implicit suggestion that she had participated in a Nazi-like threat to burn books,” he said.

Hope Not Hate have previous form for deception. In 2016 they published an incorrect press release on the amount of abusive ‘far right’ social media content that was posted in the wake of the Jo Cox murder. HNH were forced to withdraw the release after an investigation by The Economist found that they had added ‘anti Brexit tweets’ to create a misleading picture. As Hope Not Hate receive funding from Trade Unions, it is vital that a narrative of a so called ‘Far Right’ is maintained to maintain revenue flow.

In times of political tension, it is highly irresponsible for organisations to post private information that may be used by extreme individuals. As Anne Marie has already been burgled by someone trying to intimidate her, such action is rightly being followed up by the police. We would urge Matthew Collins and Hope Not Hate to removed their post and apologise, and change the tarnished image of their organisation. Hate is not a currency they should be trading in, but sadly that appears too often to be their default position.

Ms Waters meanwhile laughed off that she could be intimidated, having faced the extremes of the far left for many years – stating it only makes her ‘more determined’ to succeed. She is standing in Hartlepool in the Local Elections this May where she and existing For Britain Councillor Karen King are proving extremely popular, particularly after For Britain donated food and toys to local families and children over the Christmas period. ‘Hate will never win’ she proclaimed.

Recently my home was broken into, and the police believe it was more malicious than a simple break-in. The person(s) involved did not steal expected items, and managed to enter my property during the only 10 minutes that the house was empty that day. Police have suggested this was not random, but targeted, and attempt to intimidate me. It won’t work.”

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