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The stance and political viewpoint of the New York Times (NYT); the alleged ‘Paper of Record’ in the area of the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB&NI) can be encapsulated in a short extract from a puff-piece written in the NYT which purports to describe Irish attitudes towards Brexit, the British, and the once-claimed and much-fabled Six Counties of Ulster:-

“The Good Friday agreement ended 30-odd years of fighting in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, between predominantly Catholic communities that favoured joining the Republic of Ireland and largely Protestant loyalists of the British crown, backed by British troops. During the so-called Troubles at least 3,500 were killed and relations between Dublin and London were deeply strained ”

  • The direct quotes ‘During the so-called Troubles, at least 3,500 were killed and relations between Dublin and London were deeply strained.’ as well as ‘30-odd years of fighting between predominantly Catholic communities and largely Protestant loyalists of the British crown, backed by British troops.’ is, putting it mildly, an abortion of the truth. The terrorism onslaught, committed and commenced by a murderous collection of IRA thugs and criminals, which targeted members of the British Armed Forces, sent specifically to Northern Ireland to protect the Catholic communities from a sectarian mob of Protestant gangs. The IRA targeted British soldiers, as well as both Protestant and Catholic communities indiscriminately, and killed and injured hundreds on the Mainland with their bombing sprees.


  • For literally decades, the NYT applauded and spoke warmly of the IRA/SinnFein crowd as ‘freedom fighters’, giving ever-more broadly applauding commentaries and headlines, such as I.R.A. Hero Wed, this same day as three British soldiers were murdered in Crossmaglen.


  • Such warm words, along with the collection of literally millions of dollars from Irish-American ‘Plastic Paddies’ by Noraid, most of which went towards the purchase and smuggling of Armalite rifles and Semtex, which would target The Royal Ulster Constabulary, British soldiers or Members of the British Judiciary. These collections, incidentally, which were given the quiet approval of the American (‘I did not have sex with that woman) ’: otherwise known as President Bill Clinton.


  • The New York Times, along with many other Left-leaning and liberal-minded newspapers in America, continued with this attitude of applauding ‘Terrorists’, who of course were always known as ‘Freedom Fighters’, until America was suddenly given a taste of what they had been applauding and funding for decades: when the Twin Towers were brought down by two jet aircraft being flown into them: when the Pentagon suffered a similar attack, and when the passengers of Flight 93 fought back and crashed their jet into a Pennysylvania field. President George Bush’s  warning-cum-declaration in the wake of the attack: “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” made one hell of a difference. Suddenly, the masked, gun-toting bombers of the ‘Freedom-fighting’ IRA were transformed into what we here in Great Britain had known all along: which simply stated was that SinnFein/IRA is, was, and always had been: a bunch of terrorists.


  • But still, the warm words and slogans litter the newspaper which is the NYT. Known throughout the English-speaking world for its left-leaning journalistic principles. When a bunch of thugs is given the get-out-of-jail-free slogans such as ‘IRA Hero’: when my own brother, on patrol in a Republican ghetto of Belfast, was faced with the soldier in front of him being gunned down by an Armalite-wielding thug, and actions such as that were nodded away without so much as ‘We feel your pain!”

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