An open letter to President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. Please share this letter widely online and offline.

Dear Mr President,

We need your help. We, as British citizens, are becoming increasingly alarmed by our slide from a proud democratic nation to one where intimidation, collusion and lawlessness reigns supreme – terrifyingly, not just among our political adversaries but also by the state at large including the UK Government, mainstream media and public institutions.

While the situation here has been serious for some time, the past month has seen a notable escalation and redoubling of the efforts to silence a significant section of society concerned about the erosion and desecration of Western civilisation. These people bear a striking resemblance to the good, previously voiceless, Americans who famously propelled you to the Oval Office 16 months ago.

Our concerns centre on, but are not limited to, the following charges:

  • February 20: Politician Anne Marie Waters told us that her registered political party, For Britain, had been forced to cancel all public meetings for the foreseeable future thanks to incessant intimidation and threats of violence directed towards members and the owners of the venues where meetings were due to be hosted. Instead, to guarantee the safety and security of their members, they have been left with no option other than to hold all future meetings on the internet


  • March 10: Political activist and journalist Tommy Robinson along with his female camerawoman Lucy Brown were attacked in broad daylight outside a London fast-food restaurant by a group of masked men, one of whom is on film pushing Lucy to the ground before assaulting her. Despite police attending and footage of the incident being widely circulated online, no arrests have been made and no investigation is believed to be taking place


  • March 10: Left-leaning national newspaper The Sunday Mirror published exclusive details of an 18-month investigation into child sexual abuse and exploitation in one English town, Telford. The details suggest that up to 1,000 vulnerable girls as young as 11 were raped, tortured and even killed by predominantly Muslim-men over a 40-year period, making it Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal. Over 48 hours since the full severity of the scandal emerged, our national broadcaster the BBC is yet to devote a single item of news or radio bulletin towards these grisly crimes. One can only conclude that this is being deliberately covered up by an organisation that relies on the Government and taxpayers to fund its very existence


  • March 10: It came to light that the UK Home Office had held American journalist Brittany Pettibone and Identitarian and co-founder of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity, Martin Sellner, in a detention centre for up to three days before barring their entry to Great Britain. Sellner’s detention was as a result of a planned speech taking place at Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner which – for 300 years – has been seen as a cornerstone to the basic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression which we hold so dear. Pettibone was refused entry because she was intending to interview Tommy Robinson who immigration officials claim is “a far-right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred” despite Mr Robinson never being convicted under British law on such a crime. The letter barring the US national also added: “Your boyfriend (Sellner) admitted at the interview to being a co-founder of the Austrian branch of ‘Generation Identity’ which is viewed in the UK as a right wing organisation” which is curious because, as far as we are aware, no laws currently exist preventing people from having right wing views or being part of right wing groups. The incumbent government, the Conservative Party, is ironically supposed to be on the right of the political spectrum




  • March 12: Canadian YouTuber and journalist Lauren Southern was also detained by UK border security officials under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 before being denied entry. The reason given is that “…by your own admission, on the 24th February 2018, you were involved in the distribution of racist material in Luton. I believe that your actions whilst in the United Kingdom presents a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.” The leaflets handed out by Lauren and others stated: “Allah is a gay god” and made no reference to race whatsoever. Lauren also claims that during police questioning she was asked about her Christian beliefs and “how she feels about running Muslims over with cars”.MR PRESIDENT, BRITAIN NEEDS YOU

Sir, the situation in Britain is far more serious than most people would care to believe. And, worryingly, it is getting worse as this series of recent events highlight. No longer are they simply targeting our own citizens but that of our key allies. Anyone with conservative views, concerns around mass immigration, or fears over the growing influence of Islam on Western society is being proactively targeted and silenced through a co-ordinated campaign of violence and intimidation from the UK Government down.

The silent majority is smeared and denigrated daily through broad, now meaningless, terms like ‘far-right’ which are promoted relentlessly in the British mainstream media. Days ago Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of the Met Police, claimed Britain faced a “significant threat” from the extreme right. Yet, sir, official figures published by our Home Office last week showed that of all people in custody for terrorism-related offences, just nine per cent hold ‘far-right’ views. Five per cent hold “other ideologies” and the overwhelming majority (86 per cent) hold “Islamist extremist” views. This compellingly suggests the current narrative being pushed around a “surge in far-right terrorism” is not only disproportionate but also falsely constructed.

Mr President, we fought two world wars to protect and preserve the basic principles of free speech; yet we now see these values being eroded before our very eyes. History tells us the dangerous path we are headed down if we keep oppressing these people, and we are deeply concerned at where the current trajectory may end.

As leader of the free world and Britain’s greatest ally, the silent majority of this country call upon you to raise these issues with UK Prime Minister Theresa May as a matter of urgency. We acknowledge any possible reluctance to interfere in the internal politics of another country but feel strongly that the current situation has intensified to such a point that we now require your speedy intervention before further actions are taken which damage our democracy irreparably.

God bless America!

Yours faithfully,


Representing the views of ordinary concerned citizens