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We at AltNewsMedia and many others who wish to tell the truth about Islam, are on the receiving end of hateful comments and behaviour on social media. The majority of hatred towards us comes from a large number of Muslim and leftist profiles whose sole intention it is to mass-report our tweets as being hate-speech and have our accounts suspended.

I have made it on to Resisting Hate’s list of people guilty of “radicalising others to their far right extremist causes.” They have a list of names of people who they believe are the ones most responsible for hate speech on the internet.  The Imam of Peace had made it onto the list.  That will let you know what their agenda is and who is funding them.  If my mama were talking to me I would go tell her.

I say I have made it but really it is Bruno, my faithful Muslim butler, who tweets on my behalf.  Twitter rules stipulate that once you have been suspended you must NEVER create another account.  I abide by these rules and I have never created another account.  Resisting Hate and their leader and co-founder, Roanna, cannot say the same thing, however. Both Roanna and Resisting Hate, in a delicious mouth-watering instance of irony, have been suspended from Twitter for hateful conduct. They break the rules in order to come back on and assume the roles of self- appointed guardians of their definition of right and wrong.

“Most Wanted” is what they are calling their list. ‘High Profile Haters on Social Media’ with not one ISIS supporter, not one paedophile account having made it onto the list.

The majority of accounts on that list are not hateful but truthful, truthful about Islam and the harmful cultural practices that occur within Muslim communities.  Resisting Hate need to update their list of “hate preachers” and stick some of their own staff on the list.

I include, below, a list of accounts that I believe are truly spreading hate online and radicalising others to their far left extremist causes.

@Resisting_Hate – for not only spreading hate and mass reporting, but also for engaging in targeted harassment and virtual mobbing and stalking. CPS guidelines clearly state that these are illegal online activities.

@Embracing_Diversity – see above

@Tell_MamaUK – for false reports of Islamofauxbia

@labour –  just because

@HopenotHate – For ignoring hate from Muslim communities towards blacks, whites, Jews, gays, and also towards other Muslims simply because they are not the right kind of Muslim.  The sectarian violence and killings get ignored by this organisation, as does the rape and grooming coming out of Muslim communities.

@mendcommunity – For creating mistrust in the communities and for always playing the role of the victim while ignoring the real victims.

There are thousands of accounts promoting paedophilia on social media and there are true heroes who mass-report these accounts to have them suspended.  If Resisting Hate were serious about tackling hate and not about promoting Islam they would be going after these accounts and boasting about it. They’d get a round of applause from me and I’d have my butler click on their ‘follow’ button, if I hadn’t been blocked by them.

There are thousands of ISIS sympathisers also on social media and, again, not one single account makes it onto Resisting Hate’s list.  It’s almost like they have an agenda.  I can see a pattern forming here.

Who gets to decide what is hate-speech? Certainly not Roanna or Resisting Hate.  Hate-speech is defined as a speech that calls for violence.  All else is simply criticism. I’m under no obligation to like anything or anyone and I am perfectly within my rights to mock and laugh at will and on a whim.  The block button exists for a reason.  Use it and move on.  In Resisting Hate’s hate bizarro-land, hate-speech is only that which criticises or laughs at Islam, or if it shines a light onto the harmful practises that occur in the Muslim communities.