Patrick Van Roy

The Untied States was never meant to have Royalty. As We venture into the new millennium that is exactly what we have. It is not new, but it has reached the point where it must end, or a revolution will be inevitable. The system was designed to allow the Power and the Wealth to be created and remain with the People. The American Royalty have turned that model upside down and inside out. They have seized massive power over area’s of our lives that they have no Legal authority to have, while they line their and their families pockets with unbelievable wealth. Our Royalty have Titles, they are Senator, and Representative.

The supposed Representatives of the People, and the State’s that they are from. Those that hold those Titles today are anything but representative of the people or states that they are from. They have morphed over the past 246yrs of our existence into a class of entitled, corrupt, elitist’s. Royalty !

These people we have Elected and yes We the People have a to take a lot of the blame for this situation, because we allowed it to happen. We have allowed the Politicians to control the Vote, who can Run, who gets Financing, and even more who even is ALLOWED on the Ballot. We still get to Vote, but only for the few corrupt choices they deem to give us Of the people, by the people, for the people has become. Of the Elite, by the Elite, for the Elite. The People are only the taxed peasants.

99% of ALL Politicians enter office in Debt, yet everyone of them leave a Multi-Millionaire. At $174,000 a year Salary they did not become a Multi-Millionaire from what they were paid for an Honest days work.

I could go on and on. The bottom line is we have created a Class of Royalty. This must end, and it must end soon. No One can be Allowed to serve a Lifetime as a Politician. We give our Federal Politicians and Some State ones Unlimited Power, which always leads to Unlimited Corruption.

Please enjoy Dan Bongino’s rant on the topic.



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