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In the stonkingly hilarious 2013 film ‘We’re the Millers’ Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter and Emma Roberts pose as a fake family in an attempt to smuggle 2 tons of cannabis in a hired RV from a compound in Mexico up to Denver, Colorado. At the US border re-entry point, they meet a rather extrovert family they’d rather avoid in such circumstances. Suddenly, a large bag of cannabis falls from a roof compartment in the vehicle, and the family have to wrap it in blankets and pretend it’s a newborn baby (Le Bron) in order to fool both the border guards and their new effervescent travel companions.

I watched this film when I got home from work late last night. It got my thinking about the whole Shamima Begum baby death story. For we’re now told Jihadi Junior has snuffed it and gone to meet those 72 infant virgins in the sky. However, if a family can pretend a bag of cannabis is a real baby for comedy purposes in a movie, why can’t this jilbab-adorned low-life borrow someone else’s baby (no Adam Faith jokes please) as emotional collateral to gain permission to return to the UK? Am I being overly cynical, or does JJ Baby Bomber Begum turn up his pinkies only days after the Home Secretary refused Shammy the right to return to the UK for a life on benefits?

If her tale of bereavement woe was designed to tug at the heart strings of Britain’s liberal foghorns, it’s certainly worked. Diane ‘Abacus’ Abbott has already said, “It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane.” She has been joined in this chorus of bile-rising sympathy by Lib Dem home affairs spokesperson Ed Davey, plus the Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith.

Sadly, I can’t recall Abbott and Co. being half as emotionally animated when 22 innocent individuals (who would never even have thought about heading off to join a terrorist organisation) were brutally blown apart at Manchester’s MEN Arena less than two years ago. Because that’s how it always is with these sorts. We’re in this god-awful situation because generations of people in power with the same sentiments/belief systems as Diane, Ed and Dr Alan have placed the inclusion of unfettered multiculturalism in our society on a higher rung of the social ladder than the safety – and indeed the very lives – of law-abiding, peace-loving people! Harsh? Maybe! Truthful? Undoubtedly!

The situation apparently is that a baby nobody actually knew was Begum’s in the first place has now supposedly died. There’s no proof of that. It just happens to come at the same time as Daddy Begum issues an apology to Britain on behalf of his daughter. Again, after years of associating himself with preaching Islamic gobshites, he suddenly cloaks himself in a mantle of overt contrition. Unlike the great Louis Armstrong, I don’t see “trees of green, red roses too”; I see a concerted, insincere, theatrical attempt to quench Begum family thirst from the reservoir of public sympathy. If, and I repeat ‘if’, Baby Bubbles Begum had his rendezvous with Allah prematurely, the only person responsible for that is Shamima Begum herself. Not the Home Secretary, the Prime Minister, the cleaner of the public lavatories at South Parade in Chiswick, or Zippy from ‘Rainbow’.



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