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Jonathan Nicholas is the author of several books including ‘Who’d be a copper’ ‘Hospital Beat’ and his latest book ‘Active.’  Active is written under the pseudonym of Dan Hastings and is a chilling vision of a future that is almost upon us.

Hi Jonathan, if you would tell me what inspired you to write ‘Active’ and what if any struggles did you come across in getting it published?

‘Active’ was written as a warning, in common with other dystopian novels, but this is a warning for our time. I don’t claim any special powers of prescience above anyone else but the signs are there if you want to look. The problem we face is if you do look, and remark on it, we are now accused of ‘racism’. This is a very clever way of disguising the current social and political problems our society faces today. I think it’s the widespread acceptance of it all and the fact that it has been going on unchallenged that struck me the most. I was inside the state machine for 30 years as a cop, and it wasn’t until I left I could then look in from the outside and realised the extent of it. It’s why novels such as ‘The Man in the High Castle’ by Philip K Dick appeal to me, the way the people in it seemed to readily accept occupation. Then there’s ‘1984’ of course. I submitted the manuscript to 76 publishers and literary agents in all, half of whom never even replied. Those that did said ‘not for us’, which is the usual rebuttal. A handful said they ‘really liked it’ and even admitted ‘it will sell by the shedload‘ but stated ‘we don’t like to think we are singling out one section of society‘. What? It’s a fictional tale. If you are not familiar with the writing fraternity you won’t realise just how much the publishing world is now dominated by the PC Left; risk-averse and fluffy, they love celebrities and celebrity chefs but anything edgy in the wrong direction is a big no no. If you look around the industry it is very much pro-migrants, anti-Brexit, pro-Corbyn, anti-Trump. So I published it via Amazon KDP, myself. It’s already doing better than most of the books the other publishers recently accepted. One literary agent recently publicly admitted they actively censor the book world – and therefore what YOU read – by refusing manuscripts they do not agree with, politically. It makes you wonder what we are missing.

Where do you see Britain heading? Do you believe it will be an Islamic country and if yes how soon?

If Britain is not a caliphate in ten years it will be forever consigned to a never-ending civil war of tit-for-tat sectarianism, much like Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’. This is our future. The government are beginning to realise this now. I suspect it will be avoided by enforced submission, using increasingly vague and far reaching hate crime laws and the introduction of stealth blasphemy laws, so that those disagreeing will ultimately be carted off to re-education camps, because the prisons will be full. I know this might sound bizarre now, but it’s already begun. Hence the title of the book, ‘Active’.

Is there anything the ordinary people of Britain can do to stop this?

We can all become active. Resist. Write letters. Protest. Tell your MP. Tell the Council. Tell the police. Make them accountable. They serve us, not the other way around. Don’t give up. One letter of explanation is not enough. Keep at them. Don’t be rude or aggressive, they’ll turn off and ignore you. If you are polite and act within the law they have an obligation to reply. If the reply is not good enough, tell them. And use social media. Embarrass them into action. Put pressure on them. Shame them. It works, if only people make the effort. Do it now, while you still can.