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The monkeys have well and truly taken over the zoo when we have MEND and Hope not Hate being invited into Parliament to define the terms and conditions of the word Islamophobia. Their definition of what words or deeds or online behaviour constitutes a person being found guilty of Islamophobia will have consequences for many people. Religion and race are already protected groups under the law. Why does Islam require further attention and policing? Islam and Muslims do require further policing, but they’ll not be getting it in the way you’d expect. We ex-and-no-Muslims won’t be getting extra protection from hate preachers and Islamists or devout Muslims who run around beating people with sticks (see the recent event at Speaker’s Corner). No! We will all be policed to make sure we don’t say any hurty words that will offend a Muslim (and that should worry people because the implication is that if we do say anything mean then something will be getting blown up or someone will be getting mown down).

Will we be inviting Jewish organisations into Parliament to define what a phobia against Judaism is?  What about Sikhs? Hindus? Buddhists? What about phobias themselves? Will arachnophobia suddenly land a body in jail if he or she steps on a spider? It’s not illegal to have a phobia, and to criticise Islam is not even a sign of having a phobia. Muslims love playing the victim so much that they have jumped on this meaningless word – Islamophobia- and they scream it at every chance they get.  If their child mistakenly gets handed a piece of bacon by the school dinner lady it’s unforgivable and must come with the sacking of the woman in order to show that the organisation is truly sorry.  There’s no forgiveness in relation to Islamophobia, no room for error. It’s all about compensation and having people fired or jailed. Nothing is simply an accident.  I’m sick of seeing grown men with outraged faces on the front pages of newspapers holding up a sandwich that contained traces of pork (and which was given to them by mistake).

Islamophobia is a weapon to be used in order to punish others who simply don’t like Islam or its tenets. As an apostate from Islam some crazy fuckwit can take it upon him or herself to end my life as the Koran clearly states that leaving Islam is punishable by death.  Don’t I have the right to be ever–so-slightly worried about that?

And to all those Muslims and their supporters (who generally have never read a Koran or any hadiths) who cry there is no such thing as ‘death to apostates’ I say ‘bullshit.’ Read the book. It’s in there.  And for those who really do take the Koran out of context and cite the verse whereby Muhammad is addressing the Jews when he says that ‘to kill one innocent person is to kill all of mankind’ I recommend you cast your eyes to the very next sentence. Here you will find Muhammad telling Muslims that they can behead, slice off limbs, kill and do whatever Muslims want to anyone who causes “mischief” in their lands.  That’s a very broad and undefinable term that covers mostly anything that offends anyone, very much like the word Islamophobia does.

Other people that Muslims are told should be killed are Jews, infidels and gays.  Will any of these groups be included in the parliamentarian talks as to what is and what is not permissible to say about Islam? I’d guess the answer is no.

The mullahs and the clerics and the fake sheikhs preach to masses to kill those who do not follow their version of Islam. One cleric has a You Tube video on the best 5 ways to kill gays. Millions of views, hundreds of thousands of likes.  He’s a popular guy. It would appear many share his sentiment. And he was recently allowed into the UK to speak in London at an Islamic primary school at the invitation of 3 central London Islamic societies.  There’s nothing phobic about thinking that more than just a handful of people (or “not every Muslim”) want to kill large portions of society.

What the hell is wrong with mocking Islam? Islam the world over is causing carnage and terror, even inadvertently.  Ramadan is just round the corner and with it comes all the joys of car crashes and accidents at work due to Muslims being light-headed and passing out because of their binge-eating (but they’ll tell you they’re fasting when really they’re starving all day and then chucking everything they can get a hold of down their necks the minute the sun sets).

When ‘Life of Brian’ was made it was initially banned in Ireland and a couple of other countries. No film-makers or actors were slaughtered in the street (think Theo Van Gogh and Submission). This was around 30 years ago before the Internet, when Mary Whitehouse was alive and censorship was rampant. But, still, people got over it and the movie went on to be released and enjoyed all over the world.  Then we had Father Ted, another hilarious take on two isolated and dim-witted priests who live in Ireland. It aired and people loved it. The same thing must happen with Islam. It must be mocked, criticised, ignored, disparaged, respected, or regarded in any way that any person chooses to approach it.

Religions, for the most parts, are ridiculous.  Written by men in a time before the invention of electricity and space travel.  By all means read them for moral guidance, take the best out of them.  But even here I would recommend that you don’t look to Muhammad for guidance and you don’t take him as a role model.  Civilisation has advanced and we now lock up our rapists, murderers, paedophiles and war criminals.  Muhammad was all of these things. The man should be consigned to the history books on par with Hitler.  He should be forgotten.  He has no redeeming qualities.  He would fuck his 13 wives on the same night and make his child bride wash the semen out of his clothes. Who looks on such a person as being a moral compass? I certainly don’t.

The double standards and the special treatment given time and time again to Islam is what really disgusts me and is why I will keep speaking out.












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