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Yeah, I know. But bear with me…

“Unsurprisingly, Karen, 55, a homeopath, is deeply traumatised by the loss of her firstborn.

Beneath the surface lurks a deepening rage — not towards her son, a gifted artist and talented all-round sportsman, but towards the NHS trusts in charge of his mental well-being and those who peddle the potent drug.”

The irony of a homeopath taking issue with the medical authorities for ‘not doing anything that worked’ should not be lost on us…

But although there were indeed the sort of failures that we’ve come to expect from any large, bureaucratic state agency, it was his choice to take drugs. They weren’t forced on him.

“Yesterday, the three-day inquest in Woking concluded with the ruling that Rupert took his own life.

Although coroner Anna Crawford singled out ‘failures’ in the treatment he received from Surrey and Borders NHS Trust in the days before his death, she did not say this caused Rupert’s suicide.

‘I cannot from the evidence before me conclude that it is probable they would have intervened in sufficient time,’ she said.”

Some people can’t be helped, no matter how much money and influence you have.

“Karen said she disagreed with the coroner’s ruling, and felt strongly that Rupert’s death could have been prevented.”

It could. By him.

“Controversially, Karen and Nicholas suggest a decriminalisation of milder forms of cannabis, so it could be monitored like cigarettes and alcohol.”

Well, you’d expect nothing less from a homeopath, I suppose! And I do sympathise with someone in pain at her son’s suicide, but trying to pin the blame on anyone else is not facing up to reality.

“But they are calling for skunk, which is currently a Class B drug like ordinary cannabis, to be put in the Class A category alongside heroin and cocaine.”

That has as much chance of success as Teresa’s Brexit plan!


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