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do it in a vehicle and say ‘I didn’t see her, officer’:

“Delivery driver Mark Hale walked from court with a suspended jail sentence today after a jury convicted him of causing a young hairdresser’s death by careless driving.

Judge Michael Cullum gave Hale a 26-week jail term suspended for 12 months with a requirement that he completes 100 hours of unpaid work.

Hale was also banned from driving for a year.”

Yes, you read that right. Just a year.

“At the end of the case, the judge turned to Miss Rys’ family sitting in court, and praised their dignity and courage throughout both trials.”

He should praise their restraint for not leaping from the public gallery to try & get their hands round his throat.

And yes, this is the second trial – the jury were unable to reach a verdict the first time!

“The tragedy happened when Hales reversed his long wheelbase Citreon Relay van against the flow of traffic on a one-way street having made a delivery.

He then turned right onto Crescent Place, where Miss Rys was crossing the road.

The court heard she was on her fifth or sixth stride into the road when the front offside of Hales’ van hit her.

She was knocked to the ground and Hale then drove over her with both axles before coming to a stop 14.8 metres after the collision.

He maintained he had looked properly but could not explain to the jury why he did not see Miss Rys before he struck her.”

You might think it was an open and shut case. Clearly the jury this time round did, it only took them 40 minutes. The tea and biscuits in the jury room must have been good!


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