By Mandy Baldwin

26th August 2020

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Yesterday, a friend and I were checking out a new political party called “Patriotic Alternative.” It’s a great name, isn’t it? After all, what’s wrong with patriotism? And we certainly need an alternative to what we have at the moment – all that self-hate which we are supposed to put up with; all those attempts to over-ride our own culture, that sick fantasy of ‘breeding out’ white people, promoting what are, after all, tiny minorites, to privileged status.

And then you read the small-print – their “plan” for Britain. Not a ‘manifesto’ remember, a ‘plan’ – which presupposes that we all have to fall into line with it, like the Communists who Patriotic Alternative support and defend. For example, they blame the Jews for atrocities carried out by Stalin – which is insane, and requires the rewriting of history… and that, after all, is what we are having to live with at the moment. It is not an “alternative”. It is a rebranding of an existing position.

We need a party which will defend our nation and culture and people. But Patriotic Alternative, as a hard-left group whose Gab feed states that they hate the Right, have a programme of total control which shows that the only thing they recognise about us is our colour.

Patriotic Alternative are so obsessed with Race, that they assume every white person to be a patriot. This is nonsense.

Jeremy Corbyn, for example, is white, which should – in the eyes of Patriotic Alternative – indicate that he is inherently full of love of his native culture, country and people. Not so, obviously. Simply being white does not mean you love or cherish the customs and practices and indigenous people of your homeland.

Patriotic Alternative would promote traitor Jeremy Corbyn, for being white – and deport patriot Mahyar Tousi for being brown.

We are living through a time when minorities are given special privileges, promoted way beyond what is necessary or even sane, when white people are 87% of the population. And guess who is responsible for this situation? White people – the “5th column” who orchestrate the insanity of ‘multiculturalism’.

In fact, any culture can prevail against any intruding culture if the basic principle of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is followed. It is the enemy within – those who hate themselves – who are our downfall.

Patriotic Alternative make much of a “healthy, happy” Britain. So – what if you are not sufficiently healthy and happy? Patriotic Alternative – like all Hard Left – also favour the young, and dislike the old, who remember too much to be convenient. You might spoil the image. You might have to be relieved of your vote – although come to think of it, they don’t actually go into the details of any form of democracy, in their “plan”. Maybe we’ll all be relieved of our vote.

Your children, no matter what their personal skills, state of health, or inclinations, are to be put in the services and made to obey the state. Like now, really, only in uniform, burdening the professional military.
Or they can work in old people’s homes – which, by exposing elderly people to inept, reluctant, untrained conscripts, will nicely take care of the “problem” of all those people who aren’t healthy or happy or young enough to suit Patriotic Alternative.
Talking of which, even disabled children are to be ripped from their homes, and forced to work for the state, under state control.

Being healthy, happy, and young requires absolute support for The Plan, and that requires absolute vigilance. Your own behaviour, or that of your children or parents (who definitely won’t be stunningly healthy) – a liking for chilling out, arguing, or being disrespectful of ‘the Plan’, for instance – may need to be eradicated along with any criticism of “the plan” – which makes no mention of a free press or freedom of speech.

We are also to be self-sufficient in food-production which, while splendid in principle, in practice presupposes that food-producers will give up their right to sell their goods to anyone other than the state. Given the size of our population, if we are to be entirely self-sufficient, we won’t have a surplus to export, which means, no imports, as imports generally depend on exports.

Parks, gardens, camping grounds, leisure land of all kinds, etc, would have to be commandeered for food production. Farms would need to be taken over by the state, as private landowners would be unable to support the huge numbers of workers necessary to produce such vast amounts of food. The state would be unable to pay workers, either, leading to the need for us all to pitch in. Rationing would need to be instituted, and the viability of people – their rights to rations vs their ability to contribute to food production – would need to be considered.

Our diet would become limited to controlled amounts of locally-grown, seasonal produce, which, again, sounds great in theory, but in practice, was found to lead to scurvy – a debilitating and eventually fatal illness in which the teeth and hair fall out, combined with bleeding from the skin – and other diseases of malnutrition including reduced immunity to viruses. We would have to enforce heavily supplementing our diets in order to avoid this – assuming we had the means to produce supplements.

We import most of our grains, so bread would become a luxury; we would eat a lot of beans because they dry and store well, and meat would be a luxury item: cattle use a lot of land. Poultry would only be eaten when they were too old to lay eggs. Cooking oils require extensive amounts of land given their food-value, so your rations will need to be boiled.

Many cosmetics depend, for their production, on the use of animal fats – including soap, hair-dye, sunscreen, and make-up. Animals fats would need to be used for food, so look forward to looking and smelling as crappy as you feel – especially after putting in your quota of hours toiling in the fields and shovelling dung. We cannot produce latex, so there will be a shortage of condoms: but this is unlikely to lead to a surplus of bouncing babies, as we will all be farting like trombones, looking and smelling like Wurzel Gummidge – and our teeth might fall out at an awkward moment.

On the subject of babies, with a dairy-herd requiring one acre of land per cow, milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc, would be rare treats, leading to calcium deficiency – and you’d better be able to breast-feed your baby because ‘formula’ will be a thing of the past. You’d better be prepared for the depletion of your own calcium stores in response to feeding your baby, too – when we ate like this previously, mothers’ used to lose their teeth.

A poor harvest – heavy rain and high winds in August, perhaps – a late frost, a wet, cold spring, leading to seeds not germinating, viruses in the crops themselves, often caused by over-use of the soil, such as potato-blight, or any disease among live-stock, would all lead to famine. To avoid starvation, release of food to the people by the state, would need to be strictly controlled, and that offered for sale would, due to it’s rarity value, be very expensive, as those running ‘the plan’ would need to build massive food-storage and processing plants in order to preserve food in case of a poor harvest, and would need these to be funded by the price of food itself, and by huge taxes,as Patriotic Alternative do not agree with the use of credit.
Feeling ‘healthy and happy’?

Come to think of it, Patriotic Alternative’s hero Stalin tried this method of food production – the Russians ended up eating the corpses of their own, starved children. Patriotic Alternative blame the Jews for this.

On the subject of credit, Brits like free trade, which involves the use of credit. We like the freedom to spend and to invest, which involves the use of credit. We are perfectly able to make that choice and deal with the consequences. But Patriotic Alternative disagree with this. They think we are all far too helpless and ignorant to deal with taking out a loan, so they expect us to save our pennies, live in our allocated space, and stay there in case our tiny brains make a mis-judgement.

Actually, instituting any part of their “plan” would involve the use of credit, too. So they clearly either (a) haven’t thought this through – not a good sign – or (b) think that only they have the superior intellect necessary to handle the use of a credit card.

This is not a good look – but you would naturally not be able to complain about this, because then you would not be sufficiently “healthy and happy”.

Actually, all this rabid obsession with enforced communal fitness is extremely “un-British”. We are not a nation of smiling, obedient pawns, who spend our time striding the fells in a neat line, singing marching songs in unison. We are argumentative individualists.

A very famous German footballer – whose name I forget, but who football fans will no doubt know, who moved to England back in the 1950s, and adores this country – recalls when, as a member of the Hitler Youth, he and a group of other such pawns were sent on a visit to England in the 1930s.
They were billeted with a load of Etonians, of all people, and, in the early morning, were made to show how “healthy and happy” they were, by going out on the sports field in full view of the rooms where the Etonians were sleeping, to do star-jumps and push ups and formation stretches, under barked orders.
He remembers obediently and facelessly performing this, and seeing the Etonians gradually opening their doors and standing outside watching, in languid amusement, while drinking tea and smoking illicit cigarettes. Then, having laughed at the performing monkeys, they yawned, went back to their rooms and cooked bacon and eggs.
Ten years later, those Etonians had kicked the shit out of the performing monkeys. Now that is British.

Patriotic Alternative favour the backward step of the death penalty – which depends on the entire legal system containing nothing but perfect, God-like beings, and every member of every jury having the deductive talents of Sherlock Homes. It depends on DNA evidence being factual, when we already know that it can be manipulated – falsified – as it was by a senior geneticist only a couple of years ago, who was responsible for faking DNA evidence, resulting in numerous convictions being overturned.

It also depends on what is deemed to be a crime, and don’t for a moment suppose that will be confined to rape and murder, given the extreme nature of this group.
There are no come-backs from lethal injection, and once on the books, it can apply to you, if you don’t toe the line.

None of this is ‘patriotic’ actually. Not for Brits. The epitome of British patriotism was our stand, between 1939 and 1945, against precisely that kind of ‘plan’. Patriotic Alternative are in fact National Socialists: in other words, hard left anti-Semites, like Hitler.

It’s a tragedy that the word ‘Nazi’ has been spat so often that it has lost its meaning, because in 1933, the broken German people – living in the Weimar Republic which was, as our society is now, a byword for every insanity alien to their own culture – were not sold gas chambers, sick scientific experiments, and war. They were sold exactly what Patriotic Alternative are selling now. And those who buy, will do so for the same reason the Germans did: because if a child continually pulls a dog’s tail, in the end the dog will bite the child.
What happens next, of course, is that by-standers have to shoot the dog.
What we need, is a party which prevents the child from pulling the dog’s tail in the first place.

Mass immigration is a deliberate attempt, by the white 5th column, to reduce their own people to a minority, and as such it is a deeply sick idea, in the main because they do not insist that whoever comes here, assimilates. For instance, those who assimilate would soon stop having five children. It is culture, not genes, which dictates behaviour and protects the heritage of a nation.

The genetic profile of a nation is, essentially, dictated by natural selection – in a nutshell, who do we want to have sex with?

Considering that historically we have – literally – never refused entry to a person based on their race, but only on their behaviour, the genetic profile of the UK shows that astonishingly little has changed since the 7th century – although those unfortunate enough to live in areas in which the white 5th column have done their worst, have seen their cities reduced to alien ghettoes.

A map of the DNA of the UK, made this year, shows that – despite the best efforts of the advertising industry to convince us otherwise – the people we mostly want to have sex with, are our own kind of people, because the DNA of the UK follows very clearly the ethnic groups of pre-1066.

The peoples of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cornwall and Devon retain their unique genetic signature, while in the bulk of England, the ancient Anglo Saxon Kingdoms – East Anglia, Wessex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, etc – still genetically hold sway in the regions they first settled 1500 years ago. The genes can take care of themselves, courtesy of the free choices of individuals: it is the culture which needs to be defended. And even that, develops from the free will of invidivuals, in order to be at its best.

A successful nation is a meritocracy – a place in which those who are best at what they do are rewarded. The present way – in which the prerequisite for promotion is to fit a particular racial profile, rather than to be the best at what we do – leads to decline. The same would apply no matter what the favoured racial profile happened to be.

But a nation is also a home, and a home should be a place of safety. Look at it this way: if we have guests, it should be because we invited them, not because they were billeted on us, and we have a right to expect them, within the limits of civilised hospitality, to do things our way.
They must not impose their ways on us or they will be shown the door, and anyone harmful to our safety, or betraying our confidence, has to be ostracised.

However, if your knowledge of plumbing extends to hitting a blocked pipe with a hammer, whereas your guest – who behaves as you prefer and poses no threat – is a skilled professional, you let him show you how to do the job, and learn from him. This makes your home a better place – while still being your home, in which things are done your way.

To be patriotic involves knowing and loving ourselves for what we are – not having a ‘plan’ to redesign us.
What drives us, the British, most – our distinguishing feature – is a love of freedom and individuality: which is why we were such resentful members of the EU. It is that uniqueness which is under attack by the white 5th column – and it is that essential Britishness which is completely rejected by Patriotic Alternative, the lefty loons who just happen to be racist in favour of whites, for a change.

We need something new, that’s for sure. Every party out there – even those accused by the anti-patriotic hard left of being “fascists” – are still playing to the multi-culti crowd. I am told that Brexit Party fielded a candidate whose prime offering was “MAKE ME THE FIRST CHINESE WOMAN IN PARLIAMENT!” Er – no thanks. Let’s hear your ideas, not look at your genetics. If you consider yourself to be Chinese, you have no place in UK parliament.

Our culture is under sustained attack, and needs to be defended.We should celebrate, prioritise, protect and privilege our own culture at all times. Anti-white sentiment must be recognised as racism, and ended.

But these things can be achieved by the removal of laws put in place and attitudes fostered, over the past 50 years – which was when we last accepted a ‘plan’, the EU plan, which was designed by those who were part of a plan identical to that proposed by Patriotic Alternative. We don’t need to introduce failed fiscal policies of the hard left, best suited to Venezuala, or commit our children to the military, which should be for professionals, or carry on promoting the mediocre on grounds of race, or sideline maturity in favour of inexperience, or carry out judicial murder.

We have to celebrate our identity in reality – not pickle an imagined version of it. We are a buccaneering, free-trading nation, the birthplace of democracy: not the weird entity described by Patriotic Alternative – a cross between Hobbiton, a camp full of yodelling Hitler Youth, and a petrified, tin-pot dictatorship.

In fact, the hodge-podge of unfeasible, frightened ideas, and bizarre Jewish Conspirancy Theories they spout, are so close to their last outing in 1933, that’s it’s possible to imagine the party being dreamed up specifically to deflect support from genuinely patriotic groups – and discredit all of them. To believe in this nonsense, is as unpatriotic as the rewriting of history which the other ultra-leftists – the ones who don’t claim to be patriotic – are now carrying out.

We absolutely could not express our identity under the ultra-left ‘plan’ of Patriotic Alternative, essentially a pair of strange, beady-eyed 20-somethings who equate Britishness with backwardness, who don’t even know who we really are, let alone love us as we are – because then, God forbid you’d ever want to take out a loan, grow old, argue, crack rude jokes about the leadership, get drunk, embrace a cutting-edge idea, or stop smiling as you do your push-ups.

The problem is, after years of being called “Nazi” for protesting against the rape and murder of our children, the installation of terrorist cells among us, population replacement in entire cities, and exclusion from careers on grounds of race, even for voting for Brexit – who is going to notice the real Nazis slipping under the wire?

*NB Feature Image displays PA leader Mark Collett with a prior acquaintance. 

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