Desperation stalks the activist, industrial, academic and media corridors of green power. For as long as anyone can remember they have promoted the unproven scientific hypothesis that rising levels of CO2 caused by burning fossil fuel will cause temperature to rise to fireball levels. We must all divest ourselves of the one efficient fuel we have and return to a standard of living that only windmills can supply.

All well and good and the flat earthers have had a good run on the basis that their speculations and opinions are “settled” science. Just one small problem – the hypothesis is climate cojones. And the evidence is there for all to see.

Consider the graph below:

Icy Blast Hits The Global Warming Gang!

The dotted trend line shows clearly that the average increase in temperatures across the UK started flattening out soon after the turn of the millennium after a rise dating from 1980. Before that, the green activists warmed up with an ice age scare as temperatures fell for 30 years after WW2. According to official Met Office figures, the 2010s were marginally cooler in the UK than the 2000s. The average temperature in 2019 was a full 0.5C colder than 2014. The flat line from 2000 onwards looks remarkably similar to the mid 1930s pull back from a previous warming.

Now, look at what happened to CO2 levels during these periods. From 1980 to 1999, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere rose 8.7% to 369 parts per million, while from 2000 to 2019, as temperatures flatlined, it rose a similar 8.3%. In the short cooling period from around 1947 to 1977, CO2 rose 7.5%. All of this is hardly conclusive proof that human-caused C02, which only accounts for 3% of all CO2 entering the atmosphere, is the go-to thermostat for climate control. In fact, it would appear to suggest that there is barely any direct link at all.

Furthermore, the Met Office figures, while of considerable interest, undoubtedly over-estimate temperature rise. Ground-based measurements are subject to considerable urban heat interference. Quite why the Met Office still promotes “records” set at Heathrow airport, a concrete and tarmac estate warmed by constant industrial activity and jet exhaust, is a mystery. Satellite data is more accurate and since 1979 it has suggested much lower levels of global warming.

For 200 years the world has gently warmed by around 1.1C, something that is common throughout climate history. It is perfectly respectable science to look at other causes of both climate warming and cooling.

The green lobby and their billionaire industrial paymasters looking to clean up on expensive and unreliable renewables, are becoming increasingly desperate. In the COVID era, the prospect of vast sums of state subsidy to fund “cheap” wind and solar power is disappearing faster than you can say magic money tree.

Icy Blast Hits The Global Warming Gang!Reality has hit hard this year with Michael Moore’s recent film casting huge doubt on the funding and efficacy of renewable power. Meanwhile, the environmentalist Michael Shellenberger has made the non-fiction top-selling charts with his devastating critique of destructive green ideology called Apocalypse Never.

According to Shellenberger, a past winner of Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Environment” green book award:

“On behalf of Environmentalist everywhere, I would like to formally apologise for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.”

All of this reassessment, and the understanding that climate change is a long term mostly natural process with countless causes in a world of infinite molecular possibilities, is starting to hit home. And the evidence for this is that the anti-science opposition, the crowd that still laughingly suggests science can be settled, and non-negotiable, is rallying the troops with increasing desperation.

Icy Blast Hits The Global Warming Gang!One of the UK’s newer seats of unlearning, Edge Hill University, employs two professors, Geoff Beattie and Laura McGuire, who insist that presenting “both sides of the argument” should be avoided. For these propagandists, the Covid experience shows that everyone must get with the message.

“There can be no exceptions when it comes to climate change”.

Quite why anyone would pay good money to listen to set texts prepared by closed minds in institutions that make a virtue of listening to only one view, is not immediately apparent.

Icy Blast Hits The Global Warming Gang!But at least we have a choice in avoiding paying for Beattie/McGuire’s settled services. Not so with the BBC which has been running 10 programmes under the heading “How They Made Us Doubt Everything”. These are premised on the childish anti-intellectual notion that previous doubts cast on the link between smoking and lung cancer are applicable to the unrelated debate about human-caused global warming.

Programme eight told the story of Jerry Taylor who was “duped” into climate scepticism only to see the light and recant his past crimes. For some inexplicable reason, the BBC failed to mention that Mr Taylor now runs a left-wing think tank arguing for a global carbon tax enforced by tariffs. Apparently Mr Taylor was “duped” by failing to note that NASA scientist James Hansen’s wildly inaccurate 1988 heating claims to Congress contained two other lesser predictions assuming less atmospheric sensitivity to higher CO2 levels.

Interestingly, the BBC ran a routine “Polar bears could be lost by 2100” story last month subbed from work provided by Canadian green activists. The report based its finding on the implausible RCP8.5 scenario painting a picture of up to 6C global warming. Other scenarios working on less atmospheric sensitivity, the BBC might like to learn, are available.

Meanwhile, polar bears and emperor penguins continue to populate the icy regions in ever-increasing numbers. Blissfully unaware, it might be noted, of the blizzard of “record” weather events, constant exhortations that we are all going to die, non-stop moaning about our food from people with increasingly picky, unhealthy diets, child saint whining and demands for large amounts of our money to be diverted to green troughers bank accounts.

And even the bloody weather looks like getting colder!

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