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Just take a look at that heartbreaking page on the BBC news website “The names and faces of those killed in London”.
It lists all 52 murder victims so far recorded in London this year – and we are only just into April – publishing pictures of as many as possible, putting a face to the name.
And, apart from one woman and a bungling burglar who made the mistake of taking on a 78 year old pensioner in his own home, they all have one thing in common. They are all from an ethnic minority.
It’s no wonder the usual suspects, the David Lammys and the Diane Abbotts of this world, have crowded onto the airways to tell us that the current spate of murders in the capital is a race issue.
Crap! It’s not a race issue. It’s a scum issue. It’s an underclass issue. It’s a criminal issue and, more than anything else, it’s a parental issue.
How do I dare to say that these murders have nothing to do with race when, to judge by those faces, they are very clearly linked to colour?
Easy. It’s because I live in Scotland. In Scotland we often have severe weather. We have gales off the Atlantic, we have blasts of snow from the Arctic and they never make the news.
If a slate blows off in Hampstead, if a windscreen gets a bit frosty in Chelsea, it dominates the TV for days.
And now that young people are being murdered by other young people all over London, highly paid metropolitan journalists are noticing.
They never noticed when it was happening in Glasgow.
In the year to September 2017 London had a homicide rate of 1.45 per 100,000 people. If the killings continue at the current rate, there could be as many as 180 people killed on the streets this year so that’s going to rise
But, in 2007, Glasgow’s homicide rate was around 4.5 per 100,000 people, by 2012 it had dropped to 2.7 and in 2017 it was down to below 2 per 100,000.
There were 12 homicides in Glasgow last year and none of them was a stabbing.
And the thing about Glasgow’s stabbing spree is, it didn’t involve black kids. There are virtually no black kids in Glasgow. Something like 2 per cent of the population is listed as “Black Afro Caribbean.”
White boys were murdering each other because they were scum, not because they were an oppressed ethnic minority.
When Diane Abbott demands sensitive policing and an end to stop and search because it offends “the community” she means “the black community.” She won’t dare say it. She doesn’t have to. Everybody knows what she means.
But the Scottish police response which cracked this problem wasn’t based on racial sensitivity because race is not the issue. It was based on targeted policing. It was based on stop and search. It was based on offering those who wanted to leave the knife and gang culture a way out and making life Hell for those who did not.
Human beings are tribal. There is an urge to belong to a nation or a tribe or a gang and if we don’t teach our children right from wrong and the boundaries of that tribalism they will behave like pack animals.
And when blame is being shared round among the Government for failing to pour more money into something or other or the police for failing to put an officer on every street corner or the councils for failing to offer skate board parks and social workers and counsellors and yoof clubs who doesn’t get the blame? The parents.
As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Every home is a university and the parents are teachers. There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”
It’s nothing to do with lack of government funding. It’s nothing to do with lack of police. It’s nothing to do with race, nothing to do with oppression.
It’s got everything to do with parents who set the bar for what is an acceptable standard of behaviour, for what is the minimum effort, for what is the expected level of ambition.
You only have to look at an Old Firm game in Glasgow to see where this stuff ends up. Fathers teaching sons that it’s ok to yell the vilest abuse at other people because of the church they never go to. It’s ok to assault somebody else because of the colour of scarf they wear.
All the public whining and virtue signalling we have had to endure this week is just another excuse to display a victim mentality.
Is it because I is black?
No, it’s because you are a violent, murderous thug.