Should we allow others to hold the nation to ransom because they have a ’cause’? This is the question that faces us today in light of the continuing Insulate Britain protests blocking roads. Do they have a right to punish us to further their political agenda? Should we allow them to?

When I see the video clips on them sat in front of cars and lorries with their plastic signs, it makes my blood boil. I hear myself screaming ‘Who the hell do you think you are?‘. I know what the answer would be if they could hear me – Mandela, Gandhi, Dr King. Maybe even Jesus or another divine deity. I heard one protester on TV compare themselves to Churchill – the sense of grandeur is astounding.

The big difference between today’s idiots and yesterday’s protesters is simple – people use to fight for their right to be included in the democratic process of the country. They wanted an opportunity to try to make change through democratic means. But today, when everyone has the same rights and access to the democratic process, it is deemed ‘too much like hard work‘ to use the levers of democracy. An easier option is sought. Revolution. Lawlessness. Tyranny.

How do they justify this hypocrisy to themselves? ‘We do not have the time for democracy for the world is dying!‘. Using this logic, then anything is permissible if we are saving the world and all of humanity. This is a dangerous path to tread and leads to atrocities. The Crusades. The Holocaust. The Gulag. 

Even the Marvel Universe has warned us of such ideologies – the Avengers spent several films fighting against it. Thanos took it upon himself to eliminate half of all life in the universe to save it from overpopulation and destruction. He decided to be God, and as the Bible teaches us, God’s wrath can be tremendous.

All through my life, I have heard the doom-sayers predict environmental catastrophe. They always turn out to be wrong: new ice age, hole in the ozone, acid rain, El Nino, sinking islands, coral reefs dying, no more polar bears. Science is clever ‘guessing’ based on currently available information – new information is constantly coming along.

Regardless of the merits of a particular cause, we need to follow the lawful process if we wish to change government policy. Bullying, intimidation or disruption are not acceptable and should not be tolerated. Groups like Insulate Britain should never be appeased for this will only encourage others to use the same tactics. Weakness attracts adversary.

Have you heard of Neville Chamberlain? Do you know why is he famous? His place in history will forever be linked to the appeasement of Hitler – waving a piece of white paper in the air and declaring ‘peace in our time‘. At that historic moment, this Prime Minister was seen as a hero for delivering what the public wanted. But they were all short-sighted – there was no peace in their time. History is cruel and unfair.

Appeasement did not work then and will not work now. Appeasement is a transfer of power from the weak to the strong. We have a long-standing mantra in the UK that we ‘do not negotiate with terrorists‘. Of course, sometimes we have, but the sentiment behind the phrase still stands and we need to remember this now.

If the government concede ground to Insulate Britain, only a fool would believe that would be the end of the disruption. A new cause would emerge within days, for the ‘crazies’ would rightly know how to force their ideology onto the people through a weak government. We need to be aware of the real aims of the green movement for it is about revolution and eco-communism. The majority of activists are unaware and are just ‘useful idiots’ – a phrase coined by Comrade Lenin.

So what can be done? We cannot wait for the government to solve this problem for it takes backbone and political will. We cannot wait for the police and criminal justice system for they are managed poorly and are fearful of social media. Only the people can solve this issue by not accepting the disruption.

If someone was stealing your phone would you just sit there, watch it happen, and then have a little moan? No, you would not. You would try to stop the crime and protect your belongings. This is exactly the mindset we should have if stuck on a motorway due to protesters. It is your problem, so you must solve it.

All it takes for victory is a leader at that moment. In a hundred stuck vehicles, there will be a handful of leaders. The country will applaud the one who stands up to be counted. Let me be clear, I am not calling for violence just action.

A leader who can get all drivers out of their vehicles – a crowd of angry motorists is a frightening experience. Surround the protesters, remove their banners, express your anger. Scream in their faces. Make them smell your breath and witness your anger. Do not be afraid of the police – for you will outnumber them. Make sitting on the road an extremely unpleasant experience. The protesters are middle-aged vegans, not hardened gangsters.

Organise the drivers into removal teams. Two drivers per protester. Pick them up and carry them to the side of the road. Use other drivers to make sure they do not crawl back onto the road. Use their shoes laces to tie up their hands and feet.

Personally, I would plan ahead and keep plastic bottles of stale urine in the boot of my car for such an incident. But that is just me! Piss on them. A few uncomfortable experiences and these eco-lunatics will retreat back into their cosy life.

Now, this may lead to some drivers being arrested. The protesters are willing to be arrested and so must we. Freedom is not free, the price is paid by patriots. The country will thank you.

What is the alternative? We sit in our cars and wait for the police to sort it out. This is called cowardice. This encourages more enemies of our great country to attack – for we are perceived as weak and pathetic.

Maybe that is what we have become.

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