Delhi, India:

Hindu Women are being raped and forced into marriage by local Muslim Men in the capital city.

This shocking revelation came to light when one of the victims, Sunita (name changed to protect identity) came forward and reported heinous acts that she and others endured.

As per the victim Sunita: Nasir Khan alias Kallu Miya, in Jahangir Puri H Block, Delhi, has emotionally blackmailed her by threatening to harm and kill her children. She has been repeatedly raped for months by Nasir and his Muslim Friends, the victim even faced the torture of being gang-raped by her tormentors. It has also been revealed that Nasir, has forcefully married two other Hindu Women and kept them hostage in a room. He is also allegedly involved in land grabbing, taking illegal ownership over slums, and the illegal liquor business.

Sunita is an extremely poor Hindu Woman, powerless when compared to the criminals like Nasir, who is actively involved in organized crime. He is a man who is well connected to local influential politicians. This was exemplified when these politicians jumped to rescue Nasir, as soon as the criminal complaint was filed for his heinous treatment of Sunita.

Now, after finally receiving caring and kind support from activists ready to stand by her, she arrived at the police station to stand up for herself. To her horror she found hundreds of Nasir’s Men were armed and gathered outside the police station. They were ready to attack Sunita and the activists who were empowering her to stand against the brutal lawless creature, who preyed upon her. The harrowing escape, according to one of the activists present, not only saved the victim’s life but theirs as well. Somehow, with the odds completely against them, they all managed to escape from the bloodthirsty mob.

Our conversation with the locals has revealed, Nasir is suspected of being a serial rapist, who has raped dozens of Hindu women, but those cases went unreported. The reasons for not officially reporting the crimes can be similar to what is currently happening to Sunita and her family, at the hands of Nasir’s Men.

As Nasir was absconding, he unleashed his armed men, who continue to threaten Sunita and her family. After an intense search, the police were able to arrest Nasir. Although, police have registered the complaint and arrested the accused the question remains; will they provide security and real protection to this poor defenseless victim? Since the arrest of the accused, the threats to the victim and her family Nasir’s men have intensified and this is a matter of real serious concern.

This modus operandi is similar to what grooming gangs use to prey on vulnerable girls in the UK. It was only after the police investigation that the big racket predatory crime came to light. Similarly, looking at the scenario in Delhi, chances are that a multitude of Hindu women are sexually exploited by the hundreds, by other Nasirs.  Unfortunately, these rapes and torture go unreported.

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