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It’s another day and yet another organisation publishes a report that warns us to be scared of the far right bogeyman. And, as usual, an emphasis is placed on alleged and upcoming, albeit unsubstantiated, attacks against Muslims.

This time it is the Hope Not Hate organisation who are doing the fear-mongering and spreading the misinformation. Their motive? Could be a need to continue being funded (think Fiyaz Mughal and his doctoring stats for his TellMamaUK organisation in order to continue sucking money off the government). Or it could be that their own particular form of hatred drives them. Just remember, that without ‘hate’ these organisations can’t exist. And if there are no credible signs or threats of hatred, then concoct some, otherwise you’ll be out of business.

HNH were ‘founded in 2004 to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate’, although you wouldn’t guess it by looking at their track record (members charged with assaulting police officers), or from reading any of the trash that their site farts out daily and which passes for factual data and journalism in this day and age.

Hope Not Hate’s ethos and world-view sounds wonderful on paper but in reality they focus only on the actions of the perceived ‘far right’, an umbrella term that has grown so broad as to include anyone who is critical of Islam or mass immigration. For instance, just today there were an alleged 4 ‘far-right’ terror attacks halted by the police with 10 Islamic terror attacks also being foiled (notice that the police are going into overdrive to make ‘far-right’ arrests and give jail time to ‘far-right’ people for such trivial things as the writing of graffiti or the placing of stickers on bus-stops around town whilst ignoring all things Islamic, so just because it’s ‘far-right’ don’t assume people would have died).

Given the fact that Muslims in the UK are hovering around the 5-7% mark, everyone should be far more worried about Islamic attacks purely because of the ratio in relation to members of the population. A newspaper recently reported that ‘almost 1 in 3 terrorists in the UK are white’. Okay, so let’s flip that statistic. UK is a predominantly white country. If Muslims comprise at most 7% of the population then that means that more than two-thirds of terrorists in the UK are Muslims or at least not white. That is what should be worrying people, but you won’t hear about any of this from HNH. No, the poor little misunderstood brown people who simply don’t know any better get a waiver from HNH at every turn.

HNH’s report is available to purchase for £6.50 from their website (a fool and his money are soon parted), so I decided to keep mine and have a quick look at the review written by Nick Lowes instead.

For an organisation that claims to be AGAINST hate and FOR hope, there is very little written about the hatred coming out of Muslim communities and directed towards others, whether it be gays, Jews, apostates, women, girls, infidels, etc. HNH’s focus seems to be on protecting Muslims and tackling any perceived hatred that might be sent their way. After each terror attack committed by a devout Muslim (who invariably enjoyed the support and help from his friends and other members of his community in the run-up to the attack) HNH’s focus is immediately on how best Muslims can be protected from a backlash that never arises. The blood is never dry and the investigation never closed before HNH are jumping on the ‘we must protect Muslims at all costs’ bandwagon.

Nor is there a mention of the hatred that particular Muslims harbour towards each other, depending on what sect of Islam they adhere to. No talk of Islamic sectarian violence, harassment and murders for being the wrong kind of Muslim or the wrong gender. No signs that they’re willing to discuss honour-killings, child marriages or FGM. No reports or research have they undertaken to address the hatred that Muslim children experience every day from imams in mosques and madrasas right here in the UK. Children are sent to learn the Koran and are beaten, humiliated, scorned, sexually assaulted, and also brainwashed into hating the West while HNH keep their eyes peeled for the white bogeymen.

There has been no engagement with the hatred Muslims in Britain are listening to and watching on Islamic radio and TV stations, a hatred that comes from respected clerics deep in the Middle East. Today, an Islamic UK radio station got fined £2,000 for hate speech. The cleric the station was hosting talked at length about the ‘filthy kaffir’. This type of hatred doesn’t make it onto HNH’s radar. You would have to ask yourself why – why would a group who profess to be against hate stand idly and blindly by while someone, anyone, is calling for the deaths or banishment of any group of people? It’s almost like HNH have a predetermined agenda and its not all hatred that they are opposed to. It does appear that quite a lot of a particular type of hatred sits very well with them.

HNH seem to want to focus only on the hate from the ‘far right’. They get a collective hard-on when a Jo Cox or a Finsbury Park mosque happens, even though both of those killers embody the very idea of ‘lone wolves’ and the truly ‘mentally ill’. There’s never a mention of the Manchester bombing or Saffie Rose Roussos who was murdered by a Muslim terrorist. As previously stated, whenever a Muslim commits an act of terror, HNH want to rush to the aid of the Muslim community who are never under any kind of credible threat of violence or repercussions whatsoever.

HNH also look the other way as thousands of jihadis return to the UK, jihadis who pose a very real threat to British citizens. These jihadis are granted the same kind of immunity that is extended to hate preachers whether those hate preachers are homegrown or welcomed in from abroad. These hate preachers are free to go about their business in the UK without protest from the left, no matter how odious their message and no matter what street corner they shout it from. If HNH truly were fighting hatred they would be showing up at the Islamic centres who host hate preachers. They would be turning up with their ready-made placards and chanting out a jaunty catch-phrase, something about hate preachers getting ‘off OUR streets’. All that’s needed to get HNH out on the street to protest is the mere whiff of a ‘nationalist’ who would come out to protest against these hate preachers. That kind of thing would be perceived by HNH as being hatred, a kind of hatred that is not allowed.

Anti-Semitism isn’t afforded the same protected status that Islam is in the eyes of HNH. Everyone gets thrown under the bus when Islam enters the room. Gays, trans, women, girls, all have to be of a certain mindset or else they’re sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism under the watchful eyes of HNH. Labour’s anti-Semitic views and members continue unchallenged. The focus is on UKIP instead, HNH’s most dreaded bogeyman. They see Nigel coming to them in their dreams, a ferryman of sorts come to take them on a ride down the river Styx. Farage’s wide-mouthed mocking smile is the stuff of their nightmares. He looks like he could swallow Nick Lowles whole. One bite and a gulp. He’d leave an aftertaste, that’s for sure. But death is a gateway and perhaps Nigel wouldn’t want to take Nick with him, perhaps all of that hatred would cause him to vomit ol’ Nick back out, leaving him stranded on shore, adrift between worlds. Perhaps he’d stay there until he could learn to be honest about his intentions and until he could differentiate between hate and hope.