And so we’ve moved on from PPE to grumbling about the government’s mixed messages. Yes, it is hilarious drivel. But I also realise the government has probably snookered itself with the crazy striped messaging and is too spineless to admit the truth. The entire country needs its collective backside wiped daily by the government so what can it now do? Yes, the messages are mixed and hopeless but that is the point. Grow up, take personal responsibility and go out and live your lives! The stripes are green not red or orange. Go go go!

There is now plenty of evidence to suggest that this enemy is not the enemy to us all equally as we have been led to believe. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the very people who needed to be quarantined away were not and much evidence to suggest that this crisis is overhyped nonsense. Since every country has failed its elderly in care homes this government cannot be uniquely held up as culpable. However over in Sweden they have at least put their hands up and admitted that they failed to properly protect care homes. Their approach continues to impress with transparency, scientific honesty and an admission of any errors while all the time doing no better or worse than anywhere else – yet with the gaping absence of a draconian lockdown. Let’s not forget that when they ran Professor Paul Ferguson’s data for Sweden it predicted tens of thousands of deaths.

What remains most depressing of all is the public hanging off the every word of Boris like a junkie clinging to his next hit. Is it the attachment to Chancellor Rushi’s fat financial offers? Is it cognitive impairment? Is it the decades of nannying by the state? Or is it more likely a combination of all three with the primary agent of chaos and fear being the mainstream media.

Is there any other country in the world where government leads a crisis via leaks to the press? Where the press no longer bothers with an ounce of investigative journalism and instead runs all day “live” feeds full of meaningless bullshit and spin? It must be great to be a journalist. Money for old rope.

It takes seconds to scrape away at the surface of all this and reveal the myriad of scientists who have punctured holes in the government science, questioned the voracity of the data and the virus itself. Anyone can access the data which provides clear evidence that previous flu epidemics have cut deeper than this. Yet never once has our MSM bothered to hold truth to power, pull their heads up and ask quite legitimately “hang on, is this right!?”. Piers Morgan continues like Foghorn Leghorn with his cheap gotchas and his insatiable desire to find the negative to unpick the government because they are Tories, not because they are just plain WRONG.

GROW UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, LIVE YOUR LIFE!It feels a little like the truth is kryptonite. It’s there, radiating power but hidden away. Boris evidently hasn’t been exposed to it so carries on in his pretence at saving Britain from it’s bullshit enemy Covid.  No-one in any prominence except the odd few such as David Davis and Steve Baker are holding the government to account. A government whose transparent face saving lies are being passed off as truth at almost every daily update session. Transparent because they are not even hiding the fact that people are dying WITH Covid (which is not the same as OF), that it does not affect the working age population or children to any great degree at all. It is frankly unforgiveable that they continue to use Ferguson’s codswallop coded 500K deaths figure to sow fear. Hiding in plain sight because they know the media will not pull them up on it and the public, trusting as ever, will not bother to check.

GROW UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, LIVE YOUR LIFE!As I write this, Philip Schofield is trending on Twitter. Schofield the Scrupulous is busy cheerleading for bedwetters everywhere. So many people need the government to micro-manage their lives. Half are also cross that he didn’t “hold the government to account sooner” choosing instead to pose with Boris in a selfie. This is a man who features on day-time TV and shot to fame with a toy gopher.

Is it me?