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For The Heirs To Magna Carta, The Supreme Court Is An Abominable Despot

When Gina Miller – funded by ‘Capo’ George Soros, the creature which began it’s fortune by cashing in on the Jewish families it betrayed to the Gestapo attempted to destroy the democracy she hates, she did so with the aid of a body which should not exist in any land which adheres to the basic principle of Magna Carta. That is, that no single entity must have the power to over-rule the law of the land.

Any entity which does so, is a despot and must be removed, for the sake of over 800 years of inheritance, which led to the spread of democracy, and the rights of man, throughout the lands we have enriched by our presence.

By “law of the land”, I don’t mean that laid down by the Globalist, anti-democratic stooges who posed in their powdered wigs as they overturned the will of the people on behalf of the afore-said Miller and Nazi collaborator: I mean, the voice of the people of the land, as spoken through the conduit of an elected representative.
Because, at his or her best, that is precisely what an MP is: a servant of the people, with the skills, courage, and eloquence to express the will of the people.

I mean that the will of the people is the law of the land, and in a land governed by the highest principles, there can be no entity which can supersede the will of the people.

And yet we have the Supreme Court, which has powers to over-rule the will of the people as expressed through the conduit of our elected representative: reducing him or her from the champion of those who elected him, to a mere fall-guy for the evil infestation which lurks, unelected, irremovable – protected as nobody else is protected, by an absolute, unquestionable power.

The Supreme Court was of course yet another brain-child of Bond villain Tony Blair – the man whose inner corruption is now written on his face and who has stained the world blood-red. The Supreme Court was instituted with the specific aim of reducing Our Parliament to a mere talking shop, protesting endlessly against evils which they should, by a vote, be able to sweep away.

The Supreme Court neuters Democracy, and is the enemy of the entire concept of freedom which was born in 1215.

If you are looking for the despot which must be beheaded in order for the people to be heard, don’t look to our sweet, voiceless Queen: look to the monsters who preside over the death-row of Democracy: the dead-eyed, all-powerful Supreme Court.

Even the name is a gross insult to our inheritance, because, in a Democracy – in any country which lives by the glorious, brave declarations made, and honed over centuries, in Magna Carta – the only valid Supreme Court is, ultimately, the ballot-box.

If you are looking for the reason why the evil excrescences of Globalism – the UN, the EU, the US Democrat Party, George Soros – have a particular desire to infest the English Speaking Peoples with incomers who have an active loathing for our inheritance, then look no further than Magna Carta.

This is the birthright of the world’s most successful, most democratic nations, such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. And since it’s principles feed the most profound needs of humanity, and supersede every other consideration, including race, religion, and geography, it is the birthright of nations as far-flung as India – where the Oxford-educated first leaders of the world’s largest democracy retained 97% of British laws after independence – or Hong Kong, where the people are currently labouring under a despotism which is an affront to their inheritance of freedom.

In order to stamp out the fire of personal liberty and the rights of man, the Globalists must in effect ‘breed out’ those who have these things in our cultural DNA by a process of installing the enemies of these things in every position of power – from our education system, to our police, to our broadcasters.

In a cynical abuse of our Democracy, they must dilute the vote which should be sacred, with the ideas of those who have no concept of the magnificence of freedom, and they must privilege these people, too, rendering them untouchable, above criticism – so that the heirs to Magna Carta are reduced to second-class citizens.
And they must then use a means to decapitate Democracy itself – in the form of the Supreme Court.

If Antifa, BLM, the dribbling, privileged, unhinged, idle wastrels of the SJW mob, and the monstrous adherents of the cult of Radical Islam are the swarming barbarian hordes of Globalism, and excrescences such as Soros are the agents of chaos funding these, then the Executioner In Chief, the despot which must be removed before peace, order and freedom can once more be unchained, is the Supreme Court.

M Baldwin