Opinion: Mandy Baldwin

I have spent the past few months ripping an extra one for practically every government on the planet, but last night I hit a nerve which Facebook – glaringly soiled by complicity with voter fraud in the USA – could not ignore:
I committed the cardinal Facebook crime of going to the Chinese Embassy page – which had messages threatening to punish all who offend China, and revelling in the deaths of Americans; and telling them they had no chance of taking down the West.

It’s not that there haven’t been previous bans… there was one for deriding Antifa, one for describing ISIS as “savages“, one for calling a Remain fanatic a “wanker“, and one for calling BLM Marxist “morons“.

The need which Facebook felt to silence me over these comments shows where Facebook’s loyalties lie. But in the face of the absolute threat to freedom and life itself posed by the poisonous, malignant Chinese government, with its network of spies and its lab-bred virus and its pretentions to force its appalling, mindless, squalid way of life on normal people, for the Facebook minions to declare these truths unspeakable marks Facebook down as the enemy of every free nation, every free human.

Zuckerberg – who, head-on, resembles a ginger Angel Fish more closely each time I see him – originally set up Facebook in order to stalk girls who wanted nothing to do with him in real life. It has now grown to an entire spy network, keeping lists of the dissident, the honest, stalking all of us online.

Everyone who values freedom of speech hates Facebook, and yet we are all members, because it is the devil we know. Well, the Devil is not good enough.

By supporting the Chinese government, the Facebook Devil has declared itself the enemy, and by being part of it, we comply with it even as we rage against it.

There are those who will argue that by remaining on Facebook, we create a kind of resistance movement, but actually, we just create advertising revenue for Zuckerberg. If we say anything on Facebook which harms Facebook’s interests, we are silenced. Everything which is not removed, is harmless to Facebook interests, which is why it is not removed.

We may think we are being rebellious, ducking and weaving and spreading those words which Facebook and You Tube will allow. But in fact, we are complying, just by being there, and we reduce ourselves to toddlers, drumming our heels on the carpet in a tantrum, ultimately powerless. Our power lies in leaving: in stripping them of revenue so they end up the same way as MySpace and Friends Reunited. A social media platform cannot survive without members. Staying on Facebook, is like holding fund-raisers for a club we wish would close.

Every account we have on Facebook directly aids our enemies by winning advertising revenue which is their only sustenance. I am not OK with that – are you?

YouTube is another such – a platform which has actually banned free speech, by taking down videos which refer to the rampant voter fraud in America. Over the past few days I have seen the best and brightest free-content creators taken down, in an attempt to silence them. What I have realised as a result of this attempted silencing, is that the real fight for freedom and rights is not taking place on Facebook.

For Facebook to actively support the Chinese government takes them beyond idiotic SJW and into the region of full traitor. I will not be a traitor. I want Facebook to die. And if enough of us leave, Facebook will die. It’s that simple.

So if you are serious about Killing the Facebook Beast, and reclaiming the Free Speech which you never actually lost (except on Facebook itself), then don’t stay on their platform complaining about it, take your business elsewhere. Those who don’t do so, are part of the problem, they feed the beast as I have done for years. Well, I’m done with it. We have to strike out to pastures new if we want to speak free, and be free. Previous generations have walked into hails of bullets for freedom; all we have to do is close an online account.

I want to enjoy the freedom which is my birth-right, to not betray those who won me those freedoms, and to play some small part in bringing down the monstrosity which is Zuckerberg’s creation.

It’s not as if there are not alternatives. Yes, Facebook is slick and shiny, of course it is. You are paying for it to be slick and shiny. You are paying for it with your rights, your freedoms, with your nation with your children’s future.

But I repeat, there are alternatives. And in this bleak mid-winter, I am joining them, because I am sick and tired of living under the control of our enemies. By leaving Zuckerberg’s spy network, I do more good for the cause of freedom than anything else I can do. And the same goes for you.

Hope to see you on the following over the next few days:


Merry Christmas. And God bless us – every one.

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