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“An orderly queue formed outside the Choose Love store despite the November cold. But unlike the thousands of visitors to other stores across central London, these shoppers were not looking to grab a Black Friday bargain…”


“…they were lining up to buy gifts for refugees.”

Ummm, what? Can’t they do that in normal stores then?

““Christmas is a time of giving in abundance, but it makes you think about people who aren’t as lucky as we are,” said Josie Naughton, the chief executive of Help Refugees. “When you look at the stats of how much money is spent on Black Friday and compare that to the need in the world, it’s quite shocking.

“We just really wanted to show there was another way to look at consumerism and another way to look at Black Friday.””

Ah. Of course. I just knew there’d be a ‘charity’ involved somewhere…

I wonder if these goods have a little extra added to them? For ‘administration’, of course!

But it’s not just goods.

“As well as emergency relief items, shoppers can pay to give a refugee family legal support, helping with family reunions and mental health care.”

I wonder if these people will soon begin to wonder why their local school has some very large ‘children’? And why their taxes keep going up? And why their daughter is pregnant and their son stabbed in the street?

And will they ever connect it to their own actions?


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