The Prime Minister recently declared that 22nd April will now be known as Stephen Lawrence Day.  Lawrence was murdered in a racist attack in south London in 1993, and the aftermath has been largely responsible for the racialization of the police, and the end of the simple and democratic principle of equality for all people before the law.  The murder of Stephen Lawrence changed how we enforce the law in Britain, and it did not change it for the better.  Across the board however, nobody in establishment politics would ever dare to say so.

The MacPherson inquiry that followed the Lawrence murder referred to the Metropolitan police as “institutionally racist” and made several recommendations to address this.  Ironically, one of the recommendations was that “colour-blind policing” be “outlawed”.  In other words, the report recommended that police drop the concept of one law for all, and treat people in accordance with their ethnicity – the very essence of racism.

The introduction of more ethnic minority officers to the Met was also advocated.  We know that such discrimination can now be found across the public sector, with white Britons excluded from applying for various positions.  This can only lead to one thing, and that’s exactly what it’s doing; racial tensions are increasing and Britain is becoming an increasingly fractured society.

Fear among police also grew after MacPherson, and racism was very high on the agenda.  Police officers would be subject to strict requirements not to do anything to upset ethnic minorities who had been granted special status in law and society, and were designated the identity of ‘victim’ – not warranting criminal punishment.

Here we see a wider leftist and open-border ideology embedding itself in law enforcement.  The idea that we are all equal citizens subject to the same law, has been replaced by notions of identity victimhood.  The law now essentially states that whites are “privileged”, and non-whites will be held to lower standards of behaviour.

In ostensibly attempting to wipe out racism, post MacPherson policing entrenched racism in law, dressing it up in a “diversity” bow.

Examples of the fallout from this are not hard to find, and they are deadly serious.  The Muslim gangs raping and pimping underage girls all over Britain have gone about their business largely unimpeded by police, specifically because they are non-white.  The risk of ‘racism’ is far too high, even to prevent child-rape.  On one occasion, a rape gang member even told the police he would make an accusation of racism against them if they did not leave him in peace with his rape victim.  They did.

In 2017, judges were asked to take in to account “particular factors which arise in the case of black and minority ethnic children and young people” when sentencing.  Once again an arm of the state indulged in crass racial stereotyping; being white means being advantaged, non-white disadvantaged.  That this is being promoted across the board, from national government down and across the institutions, should worry anyone who believes in a democratic society.
This division of law enforcement has consequences beyond the courts and the jail cell.  It is simply the case that if we continue as we are, racial segregation is our future, and it will be facilitated by an Orwellian campaign to ‘end racism’.

What this means is there are minority groups who are simply not subject to the law, and in some minority or immigrant ghettos, British law holds no sway at all.  It is no less than the dismantling of the nation itself, and the end of majority authority.

We must reverse all of this as a matter of urgency.  There must be a complete cultural shift in policing throughout the country.  The MacPherson recommendations should be actively rejected and criticized, and the entire criminal justice system moved in the direction of equal citizenship.  There must be no favouritism of any racial group by police, or judges, and no laws that hint towards this.  In fact, the exact opposite must take place.  We must clearly write in to law that all are equal, we must end discriminatory employment practices, and the police must be in no doubt that racial or political policing will stop. There should be no subjective ‘hate’ laws and violent crime must be prioritized.  Police must answer for this to the public, and there should be no targets to meet or endless forms to fill in.

Let the police enforce the law and make sure they have the resources to do so.

Only when we end this politically correct culture in policing can he hope to make our way back towards justice.  Police should pay no heed to social issues or politics, and it should be of no concern to them who fights an election or on what grounds.   In other words, we need to reverse the sinister far-left ideology that has dominated us for decades.  We must restore democracy in order to save it.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain