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Dear Sadiq, Cressida and every PCC in the UK:

Are you aware that tomorrow is Ex-Muslim Day?

Ex-Muslim day, in case you’re blithely unaware, is a day that highlights solidarity for those who have chosen to leave Islam in the UK and around the globe.

What, if any, activities, events and festivals are UK police organising for ex-Muslims?  Are you painting your nails in the colour of the Pakistani or Saudi Arabian flag?  Are you superimposing a UK flag onto Erdogan’s face?  Are you painting your cars in a colour that is suitable and favourable to ex-Muslims? Will there be pictures on your websites with an X drawn over the face of Muhammad? I’m patiently awaiting your reply on behalf of all the people who are celebrating the liberation from the confines of Islam.

I truly am expecting a major publicity stunt by police officers up and down the UK.  So far we have seen your officers sporting red high heels, painting their nails and their police cars to show solidarity with domestic violence victims, raise awareness about trafficking and show visibility to gay and trans groups.

My own suggestion would be that you, Mr Khan (feminist) and every other police officer in the UK should don a niqab and at 12 noon rip it off to show that the oppression of women worldwide is not acceptable.  Let’s see if you and your force have the courage to do so.  Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Looking forward to your reply and any concurrent pictures which you may forward to Shazia@altnewsmedia.net




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