The avalanche of criticism aimed at those who voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union comes from so many sources that it is almost impossible to list or even to categorise the voices. But whether it is a business-base, a trading base, a political base or even an environment basis, those voices have but one message: why break the bonds; why leave? The cosy clutches of the EU are so appealing to so many areas of life all seem to ignore just one, teensy, tiny factoid of life that 17.4 millions identified. That ‘factoid’? It is simply that we had no control of the levers of power, of the way and manner in which we were governed, which in truth was at a distance from the centre of power. The core, comprised of big business, culture vultures, liberal and leftist-leaning politicians, including many alleged Tory MPs, loved the very idea of Europe, which comes slathered with lots of cash, lots of political-based jobs (which come together with stonking pensions), all of whom forget one other factoid: which is that all the cash to fund those multifarious projects, jobs, and of course pensions and expense accounts, comes, or is rather EXTRACTED from the Member States. They ignored the single feature of the ‘Leave’ strata of the British voting public, which was that we knew that we had been lied to, and then ignored. The Referendum gave us the hope to Leave, and to Leave is what we wished to do!

Can anyone identify when they were asked if they wished the United Kingdom to take part in the machinations of the CERN Particle Physics Laboratory? Of course they couldn’t; we were never asked; our money was appropriated by a bunch of European bureaucrats, who have never ever asked anyone for the cash, they just took it, because it was authorised by the European Commission, the shadowy dictators of all of the European Project.

Some time back, I attempted to discover what the true cost of CERN actually had worked out to be. CERN? That is comprised of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that 27-kilometre underground tunnel, sited between France and Switzerland, filled with high-power electrical and magnetic equipment, all supposedly to view and discover what happens when sub-atomic particles are smashed together at speeds approaching terminal velocities. The result of all this massive engineering and scientific endeavour? They stated that they had realised the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle. Nobel Prizes were dished out like ice-cream cornets. The wider public, apart from a few ‘psychics’ who were prophesying ‘We are all doomed’, was distinctly less than impressed with the knowledge that the Higgs-Boson wouldn’t make their lives any easier, cut the cost of living, or even get Leicester City back to winning form again. The quest for the cost of the CERN collider? No-one actually knows; but the estimates are in the hundreds of billions of Euros. Which is to be expected, what with the tunnelling costs, the machinery and installation costs, the huge salaries paid to all these particle physicists, ancillary staff and general workers. But no one actually kept an eye on the budgets: after all, it wasn’t their money: it was OUR BLOODY MONEY!

We ‘Leavers’ have been roundly sneered at for years, as those who simply ‘loved’ the very idea and ethos of Europe just couldn’t get to grips with a fairly large chunk of Brit society who dismissed all the ‘gains and advantages’ of a Governmental structure which, looked at in the broad, unshaded light of practical people; looked very similar to a dictatorship.The European Project, first conjured up as a theoretical project during the First World War, was grown to reality so that the ordinary people, the folk who provided the actual cash through their work which funded all these European antics; the Governmental sprawl so beloved of the Elite; had no say in how their cash was to be spent, or rather squandered. We, the people, were fobbed off with a Parliament, whereby our voices were presumably to be echoed. The reality, which was a Parliament which was virtually toothless, had no financial or legislative clout at all, was specifically set up to be a talking shop, and very little else.

We, the British Leavers, were almost ready to give up, when the semi-revolutionary idea of UKIP came marching down the political highway, and made such a dent in the political landscape of that Parliament that Prime Minister Cameron, in a panic, promised a Referendum on that membership of the European Union. Imagine, the one thing which all politicians detest, a referendum! Why, because, in a referendum, there are two distinct choices: ‘yes’ or ‘no’; or, as it turned out to be for us: ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’. Once the Referendum Question was finalised, the Remain Campaign, comprised of virtually everyone in politics, businesses large and small, culture and the arts, everyone with access to either a microphone or a computer, commenced shovelling out the propaganda of ‘Fear’. Fear of the unknown, fear of trade barriers, fear of not being able to ‘drop over to their ‘fave’ beaches; or many other lame excuses.

But the sheer genius of British Politics pushing an inept Tory Home Secretary into the spotlight of being the Prime Minister has slowly brought our dreams to reality. She, being a true ‘Remainer’ despite all the wordy speeches about ‘recognising the Will of the People’, commenced the slow and steady progress of ‘negotiating’ a settlement leading towards a British Withdrawal. Her ideal of a ‘withdrawal’ which would ensure the’ free trade’ ideal which had been built up over four decades of membership and alliance with Europe, with binding ties in trade, defence, security and all the other hogwash which ensured that we would be tied in fact to a Europe which would continue to take ever-increasing bundles of cash from Great Britain & Northern Ireland, without us being able to influence the rules.

And that, folks, is where she went so very, very wrong. She either forgot, or never ever bothered to ask, why 17.4 million British people voted, point blank to leave. Many ‘remainers’ stated that we wanted to leave because of the so-called ‘free movement of people’. Not so, most of the people who voted like I did were indeed wishing that the immigrants would be stopped, but those immigrants were from the Arab Muslim Nations, along with Pakistan and Bangladesh. We applauded the migrants from Poland, and indeed from Estonia, Latvia and Germany, because they were just as we are, not a hotchpotch of Islamic trouble makers intent on getting close up to the fount of all benefits, without having to work for anything at all!

Put plainly, we wanted to leave Europe, and govern ourselves. If we got fed up of our own home-grown politicians, we could shovel them out by virtue of an Election which was designed to achieve something, not, as happens in Europe; the monkeys are changed, and the organ-grinders remain exactly the same.

We voted to leave, and, as a trading nation, we could trade with Europe, or not, as the case may be; but trade on our terms and rules, not theirs. We want to go back to being unencumbered by the rules of a semi-dictatorship, but instead being ruled by our own government and law.

Put simply as possible: we voted to leave, and ‘To Leave’ is what we want!