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Nobody who has seen the aftermath of the terrible events in Christchurch can feel anything but sadness and despair. That a human being could enter two places of worship and indiscriminately murder 50 innocent people is beyond our comprehension.

Even so, nothing that happened on March 15th takes away the very real and legitimate concerns millions across the West have about the impact of Islam on our respective countries. I have those in every bit as great a number as I did before Friday’s terrible events. What concerns me is attempts by media corporations and social media hosts to censor criticism of Islam – something I fear will become even more apparent now. However, closing off criticism and freedom of expression won’t quell people’s anxieties over Islam, it will simply afford a platform to fringe morons who think nothing of taking the law into their own hands.


I am at the beginning of another 30-day ban on Facebook. This will be my third in just over six months. Each time the ban has been instigated for the same reason: unabashed criticism of the Islamic religion and its societal impact in the UK. The latest prohibition stems from a comment I left on the page of LBC, Britain’s independent talk radio station. Following a presentation from weekend host Maajid Nawaz (himself a former – now repentant – activist in the Islamic extremist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir) on the reasons for the apparent rise in Islamophobia in Britain, I wrote the following:

‘Perhaps if many Muslims made an effort to integrate, work, respect Western culture, keep their hands to themselves and keep their neighbourhoods clean, there wouldn’t be anti-Muslim sentiment. Ever thought of that?’

For those few lines of a riposte, I’m condemned to Facebook’s equivalent of purgatory for a month! There was no profanity, no incitement, no demands for the expulsion of Muslims en masse. Just a series of observations I’ve gleaned from personal experience. I’m sure millions will concur with me.

Can anyone honestly tell me what I’ve written above isn’t true?

Where are the efforts to integrate through the wearing of face veils? Once unheard of in this country, they are now a common sight in many towns and cities across the UK.

Where is the respect of Western culture in the practice of female genital mutilation or the barbarism employed in halal slaughter? How do the cases of multiple grooming and rape numbering tens of thousands indicate a religion where virtually all men are capable of observing sexual propriety?

And where do the litter-strewn streets in places like Manningham in Bradford point to an ethnoreligious community with any sense of civic pride?

In short, each and every point I made is capable of ample verification. If that doesn’t suit the Orwellian guardians of Facebook, so be it. But mass Islam continues to have a hugely negative impact on the countries in which it has taken root. Thus, those who witness these negatives shouldn’t be cajoled into silence or barred from airing their thoughts on social media.

Because, in doing so, you eventually only create more murderous lunatics like Brenton Tarrant.

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