The media is replete today with bleeding hearts whining that the UK must do “the decent thing” and allow pregnant 19 year old Jihadi bride Shamima Begun to come back home.

Begun left the UK back in 2015 along with Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana to help fight for Islamic State as it tried to establish a Caliphate in Syria. She was 15 years old at the time. They are reported to have travelled to Raqqa, where they took up relationships with Islamic State terrorists. Sultana was killed in 2016 during a Russian airstrike.

Here is a typical piece from the legacy media today saying that this terrorist enabler “deserves” the chance of rehabilitation. She does not and I will explain why.


Here’s are a few other spineless responses to her request to return to the UK.


“Dal Babu, a former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent, said it should be remembered that Ms Begum was groomed as a child to become a radicalised woman and was a “victim of brainwashing”. How sweet of him. Lord Carlile, a former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said Ms Begum would have to be be accepted back into the UK if she had not become a national of any other country”

Begun, by way of contrast, has made it clear that she is no sorry for her actions. Her main consideration is that now she is pregnant again (presumably by a Jihadi) she wants to come back to the UK. That way she can take advantage of the NHS Health service and get herself a slice of the Welfare pie that she must be  missing in her Syrian bolthole.

How on earth can the UK contemplate allowing this? Begun is a traitor to the UK. She left our Nation to become a concubine for the Jihadi in Islamic State. Islamic State, lest we forget, is the dark ages death cult that engages in cutting the heads of people and burning them alive.


Which aspect of their barbarism most attracted the “teenage’ girl, I wonder? We will never know because the legacy media won’t ask such awkward questions. It would ruin their “sad innocent schoolgirl” narrative.


We know she does not regret fleeing the UK to help out the savages in Islamic State because she says so. Unrepentent, but pregnant, she knows that all she has to do is to appeal to the supine UK authorities and they will swallow her sob story. And as we have seen there is no shortage of appeasers crawling across the media pleading the UK taxpayer to fund her return, her pregnancy and her future UK activities.

That way she gets to come back here, one more Jihadi accomplice. She can look forward to siphoning off our taxes via Welfare to make sure all her creature comforts are in place. We know that hundreds of battle hardened Jihadi fighters have already been allowed back into the UK. We know that our Intelligence services are tracking 23,000 Jihadi. The likelihood is  that if this vile specimen Begun manages to get herself to our borders- then she will be accepted back. How does that make you feel?

There is a more humane solution to her problem.

The UK should send in a targetted drone to deliver the mesage to all that we will hunt down traitors to the UK and bring them to a fierce and final justice.