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The vote in the European Commission was always determined on the shady way the EU always works. This is known as ‘Qualified Majority Voting’. This is defined as  ‘The three criteria for decisions to be adopted were 74% of Member States’ weighted votes, cast by a  majority of Member States, and, optionally, a check that the majority represented 62% of the EU’s total population. So, if the headlines are to be believed, Spain’s claim that they would ‘boycott the Brexit vote’ unless they got a firm say in how Gibraltar is treated after the UK leaves the EU: is, literally garbage, and not only ‘Garbage’, it was Garbage delivered solely for the headlines back in Spain. Spain had no VETO, but Theresa May folded, slung her cards, signed those extra clauses which gave every other European Nation an extra lever with which to bind the UK ever tighter into its grasp; just to get the deal signed off by a triumphant European Union!

We have fought against, and have also rescued France, as a nation, as a Country; and most importantly as an Ally, a number of times over recent centuries. Mediaeval history is littered with royalty; both French and British, exercising their prerogatives; fighting, annexing, surrendering, invading the shores of our two nations. When France gratefully chose Napoleon Bonaparte, a ruthless dictator to rule her, we here in Great Britain said ‘No. Non! C’est Impossible!’. We fought for literally decades, ending with that one decisive Battle at Waterloo; to remove that merciless presence which despoiled the very soil on which the dictator’s feet trod. We did not send armies, nor did we send fleets, because we disliked Napoleon, we fought because he was a gangster, albeit by robbing Nations rather than bank vaults. We sent a million men to fight and to die on French soil, to save France from the arrogance of the German invaders in 1914. When Germany chose Hitler, they knew exactly what they were getting, and they were right behind him, with their adoration, with the millions attending those Nazi rallies. When German forces swept through France, with the ‘blitzkrieg’ mobile warfare conquering all before it, British forces helped their French colleagues to escape from Dunkirk. When the British, Canadian and American Allies came back, through the beaches of Normandy, it was to remove the Nazis’ bloodstained grasp on France, on Europe: it was to defeat evil.

And what do we get for our sacrifice: for our trouble; for that very blood spilt in that defence of France? We get little Monsieur Macron stating that, because we have capitulated to all the EU demands, he and his Government will heap further indignities upon us, he will ensure that France will take the Fishing waters of The UK, of GB&NI, as the French price for further trade cooperation.

And close behind the grasping hands of France, comes the slippery socialists of Spain. Not content with the inclusion, written into the Withdrawal Agreement, of the stipulation that Spain shall be given a voice in all things to do with the British Protectorate of Gibraltar, they wish to have immediate discussion, and capitulation, upon the very Sovereignty of Gibraltar!

Ignore the 585 pages of this traitorous document, so carefully written to disguise the very capitulation on EVERY point of contention: in the twin claims from France regarding UK fishing waters, and from Spain for the very surrender of Gibraltar, we see, at first hand, the careful capitulation of everything that was encompassed within that Referendum Vote some thirty months ago.