Three days before the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, barbaric attack, that triggered the US invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban declared the restoration of their Islamic Emirate and named formation of a new government, excluding other political forces and giving control of the internal security to a US designated terrorist.

In new arrangements, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Hamid Karzai both have been kept out of power as of now. Pakistan PM Imran Khan with Taliban victory said, “Afghanistan has broken the shackles of slavery.” And the ‘slavery’ was destroying children’s books, excluding minorities from being part of the Federal Government, banning public music and female sports, beating women with whips to give them lashes, sexual violence, summary executions and that was just this week and 1st week of announcement of formation of the government. This was the trailer, the main picture may inter alia include execution of the folksingers, no tight skin hugging jeans, no disco, no going alone and many malls are closing down, or walking tiptoes lest the ‘shohar’ must not get excited due to the tapping of the heals!

Taliban has now taken over the Norwegian Embassy in the heart of Kabul, say they will return it to ‘us’ later. But first the wine bottles are to be smashed, to be broken, even though some hands get injured while cleaning and children’s book destroyed. Norge children books are very colourful and full of stories set out in playful Hitte’s, (they are the farm houses on the hills), where playful characters called ‘trolls’ come out and play their games at the drop of hat. Trolls are funny faced, short and hairy characters who are very playful with kids. Beretta guns apparently are less dangerous. Fate is such a strange thing no? The Norwegians or Norge as they are called affectionately, were among the first to push for peace talks with the Taliban, as early as the year 2007. Not any more, their human right activisms brought in thousands of peaceful countryman, that they themselves need to call a ‘peace talk’, that too probably in the just captured Panjshir valley!

A Taliban official in an interview in Kabul on the importance of ‘hijab’ mentioned: “Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact watermelon. Of course the intact one. A woman without Hijab or Abaya or Chador or Niqab, is like a sliced watermelon”. Inspite of tense situation in war ridden and ravaged Afghanistan, the terrorists have not lost their rustic and grounded humour!

The new government of Talibanistan has 33 Mullah’s as ministers and deputy ministers which includes 4 Haqqanis as Cabinet Ministers. The list includes internationally recognised hardened UN blacklisted international terrorists. Appointments to top post are hilarious. Haji Mohammad Idris has been appointed new officiating Governor of the central bank of Afghanistan like RBI. I dare to ask a RTI to enquire his basic degrees!

The Taliban drew from its inner high echelons to fill top posts in Afghanistan new government, including an Islamists militant group founder as Premier and a most wanted man on an US terrorism list as ‘interior minister.’ World powers have told the Taliban the key to peace and development is an inclusive government that would back up its pledge of a more conciliatory approach, upholding basic human rights – Right to Life!

Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada, in his first public statement since the August 15 capture of power and seizure of the capital Kabul by the insurgents, said the Taliban were deeply committed to all international laws, treaties and commitments not in deep conflict with Islamic sharia laws.

The names announced for the new government, three weeks after the Taliban swept to military victory as US led foreign forces withdrew and the weak western power backed Government collapsed, gave no sign of an olive branch to its opponents. Afghan nationals who enjoyed major progress in education, woman empowerment and civil liberties over the last 20 years of the US backed government remain fearful of the Taliban’s bad intentions. A groups of Afghan women in Kabul too cover after the Taliban government’s gunmen fired into the air to disperse hundreds of protesters.

Mullah Hasan Akhund, named as the Prime Minister, like many in the Taliban leadership derives much of his prestige and name from his close link to the movement’s reclusive late founder Mullah Omar, who presided over its rule two decades ago.

Sirajuddin Haqqani, the new interior minister, is the son of the founder of the Haqqani network, classified as a terrorist group by the Washington government. He is one of the FBI’s most wanted man due to his deep involvement in the suicide attacks and close ties with al Qaeda and their same ideology cahoots.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Head of the movement’s political office who was given his ‘nom de guerre’, ‘brother,’ or baradar, by its supremo Mullah Omar, was appointed as Akhund’s deputy, main Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a news conference in Kabul, this is the face of western human rights for non-western countries. They are the two American brothers a ‘la comrades’ in arms.

The most of the decisions are based on military and armistice logic, antagonising the west could result in economic failure and a future military intervention that could even be more asymmetrical than a full scale deadly invasion. Some compromise at the early stage is basically for political and diplomatic recognition of the regime for survival as US has frozen their accounts. 90% of the Afghanistan citizens live on US$ 2 dollars per day. Lockheed Martin, Boeing and likewise American business entities earned the money which was spent for the war. The money never left the American shores and was distributed among top 5 American contractors a la. SIGAR – Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction pointed this out.

An Afghani army armed dress is designed by Americans, but background of natural is not green. But the contractors looted the US government. US built its own empires and pocketed the entire money which the US spent. Army contractors made more money and even Colgate toothpaste producing company earned money!

Not a single woman has been named in the 33 member Taliban government in Afghanistan as on date. Nor there is any representation from the powerful Shia community, who are called Hazara in Afghanistan. They may not get any representation, easily too in future. Mark my words.

30 of the 33 future ministers named are Pashtuns, a few of them are globally designated terrorists by the United Nations as per resolution 1267. Enough of the reformed Taliban 2.0 propaganda. This is an old Taliban in not quite new bottle. This lack of perception that the current government is non-inclusive, anti-woman, anti LBGTQ and anti-human rights will deter the foreign powers to recognise them easily and early. Taliban has started capturing foreign embassy buildings and today the Norwegian embassy was taken over and they will explore all papers which have been left behind for possible traitors, who supported US and NATO forces.

Even though Taliban mentioned that they have given general amnesty to all the government servants all other individuals who were working as interpreters and secret foot soldiers will be taken to task sooner than later as per the Sharia laws. The parading of the executed Afghan national floating by the helicopter was a ghastly message given to all the inhabitants of Afghanistan.

The world should not countenance interference by the external players, especially those intensifying violence at this difficult times. Our collective approach should be guided by the UNSC Resolution 2593.

India’s policy on Afghanistan is on the right track. Besides the US who is our strategic partner, we need to be in close touch with Russia and Iran who are vary of the brutal Taliban, which does not speak the language of global brotherhood and peace. Pakistan and China are the main threats to India who may coerce Taliban to act against India and therefore has to be dealt with apprehension and caution, accordingly.

Biden’s blunder is facilitating a China, Pakistan and Taliban strategic nexus, with China eyeing the Soviet built Bagram airbase. Indeed, no country has done more to advance Chinese interests than the USA, helping to push countries ranging from Russia and Myanmar to Iran and even Iraq in the laps of China. US did absolute blunder. Instead of the Kabul airport, US may have used Bagram airbase to evacuate Afghans and Americans that would have been the best option. As Bagram airbase has two airstrips and they could have better prevented Talibanis from there.

Unfortunately what is terrorism? Does it have common definition or each country define as per their convenience? Everyone knows how the vicious Pakistan and its ISI is carrying out violent, deadly and pointed attacks against the Afghans and supporting the Taliban. America still supports evil Pakistan, the hot bed of global terror and mother of all terrorism acts. Instead of sanctioning Pakistan, it is astonishing to see and believe how people around the world are legitimising the Taliban and are silent on the Pakistan activities.

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah mentioned hope Taliban delivers good governance following ‘Islamic principles’. Many pseudo liberals are defending his statement, likewise Neelofar Masood, President JKNC Women’s Wing, Baramulla what wrong has been said by Dr. Farooq Abdullah. He said Taliban should maintain friendly relations with its neighbours. He said people should get their rights. Mehbooba Mufti mentioned Taliban can set example by following ‘Sharia’ Law.

In this great tussle for supremacy in the Central Asia to control the resources in this region, USA is the greatest failure, Americans who say they are against China, have invested heavily in China during this pandemic. The invisible war happening around the world is between 3 major political groups:


Islam; and


All want global dominance and communists are using other two as foot soldiers. Moreover the arrival of Modi as the PM of India is the eye sore of the world, rather than the cynosure of all eyes. He is uniting the Hindus in India and steering the nation in this difficult period of the humanity.

As the dust settles down in Kabul after the installation of Pakistan brokered, Pakistan led Taliban government, government brokered by the Pakistan ISI Chief Faiz Ahmad, who arrived at Kabul on Monday, drops of discomfort can be seen on the face of CIA Chief Bill Burns who flew into India for security related discussions, which is detrimental to the terror across the globe. Similarly another high flying visitor to New Delhi was the Russian NSA, Nikolay Patrushev,

Baradar Biden is sucked and on its way out. Baradar Imran you are next in line for sure.