The whole world knows that the US presidential election of 2020 was rigged by the Democrats. We all saw it happen: the assured win for Trump, the sudden need for counters to go home and take a nap, then the announcement, on their return, that Biden had won. Some particularly crooked states even declared for Biden BEFORE counting was supposed to have ended. In many states, more than 100% of the population ‘voted’ – a mathematical impossibility.

The nation and it’s democracy have been stolen from the people. And although creepy, sleepy, gropy, incoherent Joe Biden- who thought he was running against George Bush – couldn’t fill a small family car with those prepared to attend his laughable rallies, the dead rose up in their hundreds of thousands to vote for him. The glaring examples of fraud – including the changing of election law, by Obama’s puppets, without consultation, in mid-election – have been refused examination.

Clearly, senile Joe, (who doesn’t know where he is and thinks his granddaughter is his son), isn’t capable of organising the heist of a nation – but his puppet-master, blood-drenched Obama, (who would list ‘murdering Pakistani children’ as his favourite hobby if he ever suffered a moment of honesty,) most certainly is.

You can see where O’Bomber is coming from: his life work is not complete. There are parts of the world he hasn’t yet bombed to dust, populations he hasn’t reduced to starvation, terrorist groups he hasn’t yet funded, nations he hasn’t destabilised, graves which he ordered to be dug, have not yet been filled.

And, as he has fumed for the last four years, the good people of America – those who support the Constitution, and demand one nation under God – forgot that their part in his scheme is not to have a voice, or increased prosperity, or peace. Their part is to provide sons and daughters to be killed and maimed in the constant world war which Obama promotes.

All the patriots and defenders of Democracy asked, was that an investigation was held, to ascertain the truth regarding election fraud. Confirming that election fraud took place, and who propagated it, they have instead been silenced.

Denied a voice in court, which is the right of any citizen, let alone an entire nation, given that the majority of Americans, including 39% of those who normally vote Democrat, believe the election was unsafe – yesterday in Washington, the good people of America did as their founding fathers, and – as the crooked media would say – ‘stormed the Capitol”. Actually, they walked into their own property, where it is their right to be.
The Capitol is not a citadel – it is where the voice of the people must be actioned.

The good people of America did not, as Obama’s stooges, Antifa and BLM, do on a nightly basis, set fire to property, or terrorise those who should be their servants. Yet, in a move which would bring that swarm screeching into the streets if she had been a diseased black career criminal, a young woman was shot dead by police guarding those who were engaged in subverting the Democracy for which millions of Americans have died. In response, the mainstream media which has praised and supported every hell created by Antifa and BLM, is now swooning in horror.

The good people of America have suffered four and a half years of derision, of attempts to destroy their president, of hysterical tantrums thrown by the kind of dross which is the bedrock of the Democrat vote: the mentally ill, the perverted, the violent, the race-baiting, the anti-populist, the anti-American. They have been silenced by the same system which enabled their enemies, and the enemies of America. They voted as nobody has ever voted before, for their president, who has not even taken a salary, but has brokered world peace, given them jobs and hope, and brought their sons home from war.

Worst of all, the party which they supported – the Republicans – too often betrayed truth, democracy and people, to their own comfort. These RINOs are not politicians fired by anything other than self interest, and a desire for the status quo which is no longer acceptable. America needs a new party, headed by those who have defended them for the past four years, and stood by their President in this crisis.

The good people of America are not alone: despite what the corrupt media would have them believe Trump is beloved around the world, for bringing peace and prosperity. The only regimes who will celebrate the victory of Senile Joe, O’Bomber’s puppet, will be ISIS, China, and the EUSSR.

2016 was a revolution – it was the 1776 of the 21st century, a declaration of intent and yearning. But the achievement of those declared goals, 245 years ago, took over a decade, and needed to be defended – there were many set-backs along the way, many defeats and struggles which only created more determination.

The establishment, which drips contempt for the ordinary individual, is determined to defend its privileges – he who wins is he who does not give in. The good people of America must be more determined than those who want to put them back in shackles.

As the only iconic Democrat president, John F. Kennedy, observed:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable”

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