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42 years ago yesterday (08/02/1978), 10-year-old Lesley Gordon was murdered along with her father whilst en route to her primary school near Maghera, County Londonderry. The IRA had attached a booby-trap bomb to the underside of the car she was travelling in. Her father, Lance Corporal William Gordon, was the primary target of the terrorists, but they viewed his daughter as worthy collateral damage too. Lesley was a pupil at the, now defunct, Culnady Primary School in Maghera; where her teacher described her as “an angelic child. She was bright and a girl of great potential.”

There’s a story for 1,700 people like Lesley. They’re not just names. The sentences for their relatives will not end…..ever! The movement that destroyed their lives was, yesterday, voted enthusiastically into a primary position of potential power in the neighbouring Republic by an astonishingly bile-rising 22.3% of their electorate! An 8.5% increase over their total in 2016.

Parties linked to loyalist terrorists are thankfully almost a footnote in history, having been comprehensively shunned and rejected by the Unionist people in Northern Ireland. You could never say they same for their republican counterparts in the province, and you can now add that despicability to 1-in-5 of voters in the Republic also. The IRA Army Council remains intact; the praise of past IRA actions by Sinn Fein continues at healthy speed; the protection of known former IRA terrorists wanted by the authorities persists. To those who say the IRA is past, I tell them it’s here and it’s alive – albeit in the criminals’ equivalent of sleeper mode. Good grief, a Sinn Fein candidate in Cavan even had a pro-Provo ditty belting out from their election van!

How have Sinn Fein been normalised? Easy! Newspapers! Governments releasing terrorists from prison and attempting to sanitise the Shinners would have achieved nothing without the complicity of the press. Every stinking journo in both the UK and the Republic (the likes of Martina Devlin, Seumas Milne, Owen Jones, Brian Feeney, Pat Leahy, Rory Carroll, Fintan O’Toole, Jonathan Freedland and Roy Greenslade) that have downplayed their atrocities have this victory – achieved over the rivers of blood that run and gradually disappear down the gutters of historical ‘amnesia’ – on their hands. A cult that cheered on the deaths of thousands is about to become a party to government in the same European country that spent more than three years telling Brexit Britain how ‘primitive and nationalistic’ we were. In one fell swoop, a general election result has utterly shattered the myths of ‘modernity’ the Republic had convinced itself were true in its contemporary incarnation. As for Brexit voters, the next time an ardent Remainer accuses you of being an extreme nationalist, point west towards Ireland. Because they’ve just ennobled the supreme masters at it!