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True to form, Greased Pig Johnson has orchestrated a theatrical event rather than the independence we voted for. This is not a trade deal – this is a unique way of ensuring that nobody is happy – apart from the Conservatives themselves, who never wanted to leave the EU anyway. This is not a Canada Deal. This is more of an ASBO in which the EU lurks ready to punish us whenever we step outside.

While trumpeting loudly of WTO terms – all sound and fury signifying nothing as usual – the Greased Pig has left Northern Ireland subject to the single market and the ECJ, ensured British subjects must show a passport to enter British territory in Gibraltar while the Spanish do not. He has left our coastal communities and our seas at the mercy of super-trawlers to the degree that the EU demanded, hampered our freedom to trade without consequences, our ability to compete – enabled the EU to curtail our ability to support our businesses as they come out of the pandemic while ensuring they can prop up their own.

But hey – The Greased Pig wore a tie with fishes on it as he betrayed the British people and the British nation to “his friends in Europe.” Wow. What a guy!

The whole thing has been carefully stage-managed, right down to the penultimate scene in which a mutant strain of Covid was “suddenly” found in the UK, which meant that families had to remain separated this Christmas.

The “mutant strain” is not the first to be found – viruses are like that, they mutate – and was in any case, already here in September, when Boris commanded that the nation’s children be forced to attend daily brainwashing sessions by attending school, sending cases of Covid through the roof. The “mutant strain” was already in Europe, too, before Christmas.

But his cruel last-minute edict in denying families light and company was designed to demoralise and depress on a nationwide scale, offering Macron a chance to grandstand with a blockade of our ports and a war-ship in our waters as a “warning” of what would happen with No Deal. This is clearly what buddies “Boris and Emmanuel” planned during their birthday phone conversation.
There then followed silence and speculation and pizza-deliveries while the negotiating team hung around twiddling their thumbs until Christmas Eve pretending they were defending our sovereignty with sword and fire.

This set the stage for The Greased Pig to pose as Father Christmas: the final act performed as a Christmas Gift to the entire nation, offering something as turkey-flavoured as the meal so few of us were able to share with our loved ones. The timing of it is intended to forever carve it in collective memory. It is a political act of theatre – and it is a disgrace to the entire Conservative party.

Funless Fact: this theatricality has been employed before – most contemptibly at the end of the First World War. The basics of German surrender had been hammered out in the late summer of 1918, but there were a few jots and titles which could be argued and after all, the 30th August wasn’t a very memorable date. It was agreed that the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month had a real ring to it: so they set that date as the Big Day and just kept on sending the youth of the world into the fire until 10.59am.

The Greased Pig – a man well suited to lead a cavalry charge from behind the lines, the man who offered China control of our internet – has played the same game this Christmas. Ho, ho, ho, etc.

And he has ensured that this massive document – full of further regulations and red tape and hot air – will not be available for debate until the day before we “leave”. Does “leave” really describe what we will be doing? In fact, we’ll still be living in the annexe while the EU can use our belongings without asking, and tell us when to turn the lights out and keep the noise down.

There is, however, one glaring advantage of this deal – and that is, the fury of the Globalist media at the very existence of any deal – even a thin one, like this. So enraged are the Remoaners, that it is clear the rabid Remoan camp wanted No Deal all along, at least as much as Brexiteers did. Not for the same reasons, of course – but because they are agents of chaos, who wanted to exploit every temporary difficulty, and had probably already arranged busloads of mentally-ill middle-class housewives to scream and throw tantrums at Dover on New Years Day.

Toxic liars – such as the SNP, who hate Scotland so much that they want it to spend a decade of starvation without UK support, before being rejected as an applicant to join the EU – are screaming about seed-potatoes, and the Guardian – who regard fishermen as a terrifying anachronism and wouldn’t be seen dead in Hastings – are bewailing the pathetic ‘benefits’ this deal brings to the coastal communities of our island nation.

Above all, Brexit – and every act concerned with it – has exposed the depth and hypocrisy of the swamp here.

The Deal will undoubtedly pass through Parliament, thanks to the de facto Second Referendum which saw us install the Greased Pig in office with a huge majority, pinning our hopes on the party numerically best able to deliver on our vote of 2016.

Kier Starmer, too – belatedly understanding that he has to pretend to support the wishes of the majority of Labour constituencies – will whip his party of lunatics into supporting it. The SNP windbags will bluster and bellow nonsense on the side-lines and waste time by voting against it, and the Illiberal Anti-Democrats will either abstain or join hands and jump off Westminster Bridge while singing Ode To Joy.

The Deal will pass. So as we go into the post-pandemic age, what can we do about what has been shown to us this year and indeed, since 2016?

Actually, quite a lot. In the first place, check the origins of every item you buy. We now have trade deals with sixty nations, and are putting the final polish on the one with the USA. And we have our own suppliers and business to support.

It goes without saying that buying anything – even some tat on Amazon – which comes from China is a huge no-no. China must be excluded from the world which it has tried to murder. Buy anything from them – no matter how large or small – and you play a part in the betrayal of civilisation itself.

But also, check that you buy nothing whatsoever from the EU. Not so much as a head of lettuce or a bottle of wine or a rasher of bacon or a dress or a car – even if it’s the cheapest product on the market. There is absolutely no need to buy anything whatsoever from the EU – I haven’t bought anything from them in years, and I’m not dead yet.

This includes checking the source of your household services and boycotting companies such as EDF – Electricite De France. EDF makes its profits from British customers, while indulging its French ones: the charges to French consumers, are under half what EDF charges Brits.

Don’t go to Europe for a holiday. They want to make it difficult to travel there? So be it. There’s a whole world outside the R27 – and the weather’s better, too. Like our students, who will now be able to study truly internationally via the Turing Programme, we don’t need to be confined to countries such as Spain which, left to its own devices this summer, reverted to type and allowed its beaches to become a huge toilet, or to France which has been busily infesting us with invaders all year.

Campaign for CANZUK – the agreement between the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, which will elevate all of us, and reform the bonds of family and friendship which the EU deliberately shattered. This really is a sunlit upland, and it is the future.

But above all, make our “revolution” count by remembering what has been done to us, by ALL parties over the past five years. Not one of those currently sitting, deserves our trust or support. We have spent a hundred years swinging between two parties which each claim to be the lesser of two evils – and it is not good enough.

They all need to be held to account – and that means, showing them the door.

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