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Guest submission by Peter Atkinson

Denial of asylum to Asia Bibi

Madam Prime Minister Theresa May,

It has been reported in the Huffington Post (November 9th) that the UK will not be offering asylum to Asia Bibi, the Christian woman that was recently acquitted in Pakistan of a trumped-up charge of blasphemy.

The report goes on to say that the UK government is concerned about “unrest among certain sections of the community”.

I wonder what ‘community’ the government is concerned about? The Irish community? The Chinese community? The gay community? The black community? The Hindu community? The Jewish community? The Christian community? The atheist community? Could it be the Muslim community? It surely could not be the Muslim community, because, as you and other politicians keep telling us, Islam is a religion of peace. So, what community are you concerned about?

Of course, we all really know that it is the Muslim community that the government is concerned about, but they can’t and dare not say so lest it be accused of ‘Islamophobia’. But there’s really no such thing as ‘Islamophobia’ and it is time to debunk this phoney word. It is a control word used by the Left and by Muslims to try and silence and shout down any criticism of Islam by inferring that there is something wrong with you.

A phobia is an irrational fear or hatred. Women, Jews, gays and non-believers have good reason to fear Islam. It’s an intolerant, divisive, violent, supremacist, hateful and misogynistic ideology with a track record of intolerance and actual violence, and threats of violence to anyone who dares to challenge or criticise it. Islam has a history of violent and bloody conquest. It does not integrate, it wants to dominate and subjugate which it does in every country wherever it is allowed to gain a majority.

It really is time for the UK government to be honest with the public and admit that there is a problem with Islam, and that they are concerned that if asylum is given to Asia, Muslims will riot. And concerned that one of them will take it upon himself to murder her.

The UK is now in a situation where it’s unable to provide a home for someone fleeing from primitive blasphemy laws. For the first time in ages we have a real refugee, not a bogus refugee (way too many of which have been allowed into and to settle in the UK), but a real and genuine refugee, and we are unable to help her. The UK government let back in hundreds of dangerous Jihadists who went to fight for ISIS, but is now having to turn away a vulnerable refugee. What sort of message is that sending to the rest of the world? The UK has a long and proud history of granting asylum to people fleeing persecution, but now it seems the eligibility for asylum is determined by ‘concerns of unrest among certain sections of the community’. How shameful. How truly shameful.

The root cause of most of the problems in the world today is Islam, and if it is allowed to continue to grow and to spread in the UK I can see a time when people will be fleeing for their lives from the UK to seek asylum in other countries.

Has the UK state has been subjugated by Islam? It would appear to me that it has. Unfortunately, the more you pander to Islam, the more you embolden it. It’s a dangerous and deceitful ideology and it really needs, like our ancestors did with Christianity, to be faced-down and put back in the box. If you have a religion it should be a private matter and you should keep it to yourself and not flaunt it in public. The UK has freedom of religion and also, more importantly, freedom FROM religion, though this freedom from religion, specifically from Islam, is slowly disappearing. You can deface or burn a copy of the bible in the UK and nothing will happen to you. Deface or burn a copy of the koran in the UK and you will be arrested, not for blasphemy as that law no longer exists, instead you will be arrested for ‘hate speech’ which is used as a de facto blasphemy law. The UK, which was until very recently, an open, tolerant and liberal country with a proud tradition of democracy and free speech, is being slowly choked to death by Islam, an intolerant ideology that does not believe in democracy or free speech.

Prime Minister, what on earth has happened to the country that I was born and raised in, the country for which my grandfather fought for in WW1 and my father fought for in WW2? Both are long gone, but I fear they would be turning in their graves at what has been allowed to happen to the UK.

I very much look forward to your response to this email.

Yours sincerely

Peter Atkinson.