It’s a remarkable tale worthy of a piece of fiction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I refer to the strange case of the 4000+ people who went to Whitehall on Sunday afternoon and then, mysteriously, vanished into the media ether.

Here is the last known image of the missing in action.

Those tenured cucks “world class” journalists at the BBC were unable to locate this substantial rally for Free Speech at the heart of Government in London and just a few yards from the steps of Number Ten Downing Street. Other media outlets including LBC seemed equally unable to locate the masses gathered together to protest censorship. When LBC’s Iain Dale was asked about this on Monday he responded that it was old news by that point and thus LBC, and he, would not cover it. Dale, of course, is part of the problem.

But hush, not ALL the legacy media failed to locate the massive crowd. Oh no. The Guardian reported that…

I’m not sure how many years it has been since Tommy Robinson left the EDL but the left wing media love a good targeted dog whistle in a headline to excite their feral base. Never mind that amongst those present were liberals, atheists, Christians, Jews, ex-Muslims, Sikhs, members of the LGBT community.

It appears that to merely demand free speech is now to be labelled as “right wing” if not “Nazi” thus proving that the left are all about censorship and restricting free speech.

Of course the highlight of the day, for me, was the speech given by our very own Shazia Hobbs. Here is an brief excerpt;

The way in which the legacy media has ignored this large public display vindicates the point of it. Of COURSE they don’t want to hear what the voices present have to say. Of COURSE they are happy to collude with the political class and label patriots as “far right”. And of COURSE the next such rally should aim to be twice the size!

We’re not going anywhere and legacy media will eventually be ignored in the same way as it ignored the Day for Freedom.

You see in the final analysis the legacy media doesn’t want to report on the problems the stellar gallery of speakers highlighted because it is PART of the problem. We won’t get freedom until we marginalise the utterly corrupt cucked media.