Rajiv Saxena

Every religion believes in celebrating its own festivals, with pomp, grandeur and spirit of festivity, throughout the year. Hindus hold festivals throughout the year. The main difference is that Hindu festivals are supported by strong scientific evidence and serve as the backbone of the Indian economy.

Indian ancestors celebrated both Vedic and post Vedic festivals and designed the festivals in such a way that they have a positive effect on physical, mental, and social health, as well as nurturing and balancing the environment besides most of the Indian festivals coincides with the harvest seasons and even animals associated with the harvesting are celebrated with gusto.

Thus we celebrate Jallikattu and woke criticise this festivity with bulls as grave cruelty with bulls and oxen who run a race. Jallikattu is typically practiced in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as part of the Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day, which occurs annually in January. Jallikattu is a bull-taming sport that has traditionally been part of the festival of Pongal. However, the practice has long been contested, with animal rights groups and the courts concerned over issues of cruelty to animals and the bloody and dangerous nature of the sport. PETA had taken serious note of it and Indian Supreme Court gave a judgment against holding races in the state of Tamil Nadu. But let PETA call upon all Muslims to stop killing sheep as part of the ritual. It will never do that and Muslims will continue to shout loud that they are being victimised for being a Muslim and freedom of religion is attacked.

Holi is celebrated in the month of March when wheat is harvested and mother Holika is worshipped with offerings of the wheat and gram. Next day wet Holi is played with water and the leftist lobby always criticise it that huge amount of water is getting wasted and city drainage system is getting over loaded and it created huge pollution. But no gives an answer why thousands of goats, sheep and camels get slaughtered during Eid and their blood flowed on the streets. Due to this killing soil gets polluted.

Similarly Mahashivratri is celebrated with fervour and gaiety and Hindus offer fresh raw non boiled milk as offering and woke always make fun that instead of wasting milk, milk can be given to infants, on the other hand woolen shawls are placed on the dead burial places and similar such logic can be given that dead do not feel cold so why waste the shawl to over the mazar?

India celebrates Grand Kumbh Mela at 4 holy cities every 3 years and it holds half Kumbh every 6 years on the banks of 4 different rivers. Kumbh is held at Allahabad in UP at Sangam, at Nashik on the banks of Godavari, at Haridwar on the banks of the river Ganges near Har Ki Pauri and Ujjain near the banks of beautiful Shipra river. In this year the leftist cabal blamed Kumbh for the spread of the China virus all over the nation.

Many western scientists have studied the scientific aspects of Hindu festivals and have clearly highlighted the importance of Hindu festivals for society and the environment.

However, a few organisations, political parties, and celebrities have different agenda, and they raise concerns when a Hindu festival is approaching. Ignorance could be the cause, or they could be working to satisfy someone’s agenda who is working against Hindu culture 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Karva Chauth is another festival, which is often trolled and it is considered regressive in nature, where woman is keeping fast for the whole day for the long life of her husband and this is considered regressive by the woke groups. Similarly with dots which are made on the forehead of Hindu woman. An old Indian company came out with an advertisement, in which a lesbian couple keeps fast for her partner, which was trolled and later this advertisement was pulled out. Muslims consider lesbianism and gayism haram and had the company featured this community riots would have taken place.

Durga Puja in India faces lot of criticism and woke consider the function to propagate racism. Durga Puja is most controversial festival. The beautiful Goddess Durga is depicted brutally killing a dog skinned native, Mahisasur. Mahisasur, a brave, self-respecting leader, tricked into marriage by the Aryans. They hired a sex worker called Durga, who enticed Mahisasur into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymooning during sleep. This narrative has been built up by the Pentecostal evangelists in the last 30 – 40 years. They have comics denigrating Goddess Kali too. A very cheap play was enacted during the Dushera period in the AIIMS campus which was scripted by a Muslim and hosted on the website of Unacademy. The play was in very cheap taste and the drama creators were asked to tender public apology, which they did to the nation.

Thousands of Ganesh idols are brought home, especially in the State of Maharashtra. A movement started by woke that immersion of idols cause pollution and idols must not be immersed in the sea. Now these idols are immersed in specially built water tanks.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great fervour on 14th January and in the evening thousands of kites are flown in the state of Gujarat and woke cabals criticise Hindus that due to kite flying, thousands of birds get killed due to the Chinese thread. These criticism want to stop the voice of Hindus and when voices are lowered, the religion come into low morale. People demean Hinduism and ex congress ministers like Salman Khurshid take the liberty to compare Hindutva to ISIS and Boko Haram.

Similarly Raksha Bandhan must have ecofriendly rakhis and even ‘Chatt Puja’ which is held immediately after Diwali creates pollution as per great CM of Delhi.

Recently in Ayodhya huge celebrations were held and anti-national elements like Tavleen Singh created a furore in her column and she questioned how much oil was used to burn around 9 lakhs oil diyas and many diyas must have been left half burned due to high wind speeds. Such questioning of religious sentiments, must not be accepted even to be published. Such columnists must be banned from writing and showing off their writing and anti-hindu writings. Dipawali also creates noise and sound pollution and dogs cannot have sound sleep!

Another festival, which faces huge criticism is Janamashtmi, the day when Lord Krishna was born. Teams across the cities play dahi handi by making a pyramid in city corners and PIl’s are filed to control the height of the human pyramids. Supreme courts then pass orders to control the height of the human pyramids. Navratri Puja is projected as if women in the state of Gujarat are not safe and must be curbed. Due to ‘love jihad’, by the Muslims, all entries are checked with their identity cards such that young Muslim boys are not allowed to enter to create hooliganism.

Ram Navami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ram. He was born at Ayodhya. Woke consider that violent Hindu mobs move in groups and create terror and unrest in the society.

The most recent issue is the use of firecrackers during Deepotsav celebrations. Many political leaders and celebrities have begun to spread propaganda claiming that the bursting of firecrackers increases the pollution levels. Are these people and parties unconcerned about the year-round extreme pollution? Have they offered any solutions or expressed concerns about the level of pollution? Various festivals provide a living for millions of Indians. Are these people so unconcerned about other people’s well-being? Festivals are a major factor in economic growth; do they want to derail the economy by protesting and petitioning the judicial system to put a stop to these festivals?

The best PIL, which I have seen is the PIL filed to prevent the widening of Char Dham yatra in the state of Uttarakhand route by people like Colin Gonsalves, who pleaded that ecology will be disturbed since many trees will be cut. Thus these woke would have killed two birds in one stroke. Hindus will have difficulty in reaching their revered sites and movement of Indian army would be restricted, even though these people know Indian and Chinese army is eye to eye and toe to toe for the last eighteen months. Thank god Supreme Court turned down this plea and such anti nationals must be banned from practicing at the bar. Main agenda is to denigrate Hindu culture, which unites everyone in society, celebrates life and the environment, promotes joy and happiness, increases revenue, and adds value to the overall economy.

The selfish agenda and motive of a few political parties and celebrities is to garner vote bank based on caste division and assist conversion rackets, as well as to lead our youths into the drug menace.

Let’s take a closer look at the Deepotsav festival to get a sense of the propaganda created by these people.

Fireworks are generally set off for 2 to 3 days, with greater intensity on the day of Lakshmi Pujan. It amounts to 4 to 5% of total pollution.

According to expert studies and analyses, the main causes of pollution are Parali (burning of farm waste), vehicular pollution, industrial pollution, and the construction industry. These factors account for nearly 95 percent of pollution, but how many people are concerned about it and working to reduce it?

Any of these celebrities has ever raised public awareness about pollution. Isn’t it their responsibility to use public transportation to reduce vehicular pollution? This will also encourage their followers to take public transportation.

Festivals provide a positive outlook for the market. This Diwali, the total purchase exceeded Rs. 1.25 trillion, which was desperately needed to get overall economy back on track after the Corona fallout. Many Indian families rely on festivals for a living; the more enthusiastic the society is to celebrate the festivals, the more power to middle and neo-middle class families to strengthen their financial situation, and thus the economy. Political parties and celebrities must set aside their agendas and remember that whatever they have accomplished in their lives is due to the fact that ordinary people supported them in their rise. Isn’t it their responsibility to help ordinary people improve their standard of living?

Hindu rituals and worshipping methods for festivals never encourage hatred or bad feelings toward any person, group, religion, or environment, but rather pray for the well-being of everyone, whether they love or hate. Every practice is carefully considered in terms of its positive impact on physical, mental, and social health, the development of strength to face adversity, the development of a grateful attitude, harmony among various sections of society, and the celebration of life without drugs and illegal practices. The ultimate goal is to recognise that “Life means Enthusiasm and Love.”

Is it acceptable to slaughter millions of animals during a particular festival? Although research and analysis clearly show that it has an impact on soil, water, and air pollution, no one objects to it when they object to Hindu festivals. This clearly demonstrates the biased agenda towards Hindus and Hindu festivals. This absurdity by so-called environmentalists and social reformers (political leaders and celebrities) must be strongly condemned.

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