Patrick Van Roy

The following is a lesson in History and facts that you need to learn and know as this Farce January 6th Committee continues it’s persecutions of both the Former President, and half of the American People. There is only one goal of this Stalinist body, to prevent Donald J Trump from running for the Presidency.

There is no basis in Law, History, or the Constitution for what the Democrats are doing. Not American Law or History anyway. You can find examples of this behavior in the History of the Soviet Union, and other Tyrannical Governments around the World, but not in American History, or Law. This Committee’s very existence, and behavior is actually in total Violation of our Laws, and Constitution. They claim openly to be conducting a Criminal Investigation, an act explicitly Prohibited by the Constitution. The Judicial Branch has that authority – Not Congress. The only case that it can conduct criminal investigation according to the Supreme Court is here. The Supreme Court in landmark cases has broadly upheld congressional powers to conduct investigations, as long as inquiries are related to subjects on which Congress can validly legislate.

There is NOTHING here that they can Legislate on. If they want to Write, Pass, and get the Senate and President to go along with a Bill that Prevents Donald Trump from Running they are Legally allowed to try. Taking Depositions, Questioning people Under Oath with NO cross-examination, NO proper Legal Council, and turning that Testimony over to a Corrupt Attorney General to Prosecute is a total dismissal of Due Process and a Violation of Civil Rights.

The Members of this Committee are the ones that need to brought up on Charges for Abuse of Power, and Malicious Prosecution. This Committee is being allowed to do this because the United States no longer has a Free Press. We have a Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party that pretends they are “Press” when all they are is shills for the Progressive/Communist Left. Instead of informing the People of Impartial FACTS they gaslight the electorate with the goal of advancing an agenda rather than informing the People of the Truth and Reality of ANY situation.

The Press and the Democrats get away with this behavior due to the Ignorance of the American Public. The Public aren’t stupid, they have just had the History and Principals of this Nation removed from the teaching in our Public Schools for decades. Civics has long been removed from our Curriculums replaced by the tenants of Socialism, and Marxism. The dumbing down has been going on long before the current CRT and Trans Indoctrination nonsense that we are witnessing today.

The following clip is Mark Levin discussing the Criminal Charges that the Commie Committee is trying to bring against Trump using the Election of 1800. This election involved Thomas Jefferson, Arron Burr, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. Donald Trump’s behavior comes nowhere near the shenanigans that these 4 men and others pulled on settling this vote for the Presidency.

I beg of you, hate Trump, love Trump it doesn’t matter. What matters is the only thing that is supposed to matter: FOLLOWING THE LAW. So please no matter your feelings play the clip and educate yourself, so that no matter what side you are on you don’t sound like an ignorant ass, as so many of our Politicians, and Press currently do.