By IndUS Lens

November 13th 2019

“Cow Piss Drinkers” was the description of Hindus as per Adil Ahmed Dar, a Jaish-E-Mohammad terrorist group’s suicide bomber. He killed more than 45 Indian Security Personnel in a suicide bombing attack in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on February 2019.

These hateful words, “Cow Piss Drinkers” are now also the words of  Aatish Ali Taseer which he uses to mock Hindus. No, he is not a terrorist nor a Jihadi, but an author and supposed professional “Journalist.” He has contributed to the New York Times and other mainstream media houses, including Time Magazine.

Aatish Taseer is a British born son of a Pakistani Politician, Salmaan Taseer and an Indian Journalist, Tavleen Singh. Aatish was raised by his mother in Delhi.

Aatish Taseer’s recent series of offensive tweet have gone viral in which he started attacking and mocking Hindus by calling them, “Cow piss drinkers.” He has also tweeted his fantasy about a Hindu Woman, splashing in a puddle of cow urine. He mentioned by name, Shefali Vaidya, a well known Hindu Author. He even went as far as to tagging her in his smutty tweets. His exact words;

One could be shocked and appalled by the language used – from an author and so-called journalist. He is a regular contributor to media houses that are supposedly against religious discrimination and self-proclaimed messiahs of religious tolerance. The abusive tweets were ceaseless attacks, leading to a series of twitter battles with Taseer disdainfully hurling his abusive tirade against Hindus.

This avalanche of abusive comment  are offensive and derogatory, as cows are sacred to Hindus. But such remarks are often used mainly by radical Islamists, in South Asia, mainly in Pakistan.

The disparaging series of tweets, started with Taseer mocking Indian Government’s plans to redesign the Central Secretariat. He tweeted;

Such a tweet coming from a journalist, is confounding but then again, coming from a New York Times contributor, not really surprising. The New York Times, has mocked India’s Mars Mission, with a lambasting cartoon and bias journalism on all issues pertaining to India.

The New York Times is known for a Hinduphobic, anti-India stand and a prejudice against India, be it Kashmir, or the Times’ narrow-minded view on India’s political and religious practices.

Further more, Aatish Taseer, abuses and mocks all those who stand-up to him and/or oppose his views.

Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale, for example replied on twitter, opposing Taseer’s viewpoint. Taseer replied to him, ridiculing his last name, calling him ‘Chottywala.’  (one with a ponytail, typically kept by Hindu preist) Taseer both abuses the man and self-aggrandises himself with another tweet;

Typically, parents try to raise their children as decent human-beings and respectful towards women. If children disappoint them, parents correct their children. Apparently, in  this case, his mother Tavleen Singh, decides to come to his rescue, defending her helpless son. Using a similar abusive styles, as her son, she takes a dig probably at Shefali Vaidya. Ms. Vaidya, a by-stander was tagged (mentioned) by Taseer in a random tweet. Mom goes on the offensive and attacks, with her vicious tweet. Her tweet reads, “As for the ‘young lady’ she is middle aged and as vicious as trolls come on Twitter.”

Coincidentally, around the same time, the Indian governments revoked his Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card. It announced, “the Central government is of the provisional opinion that the registration as an OCI cardholder granted to Aatish Ali Taseer, may be canceled under Section 7D(a) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, for obtaining OCI card by means of false representation and the concealment of material facts.”

According, to an official Spokesperson from the Office of Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India,

The Indian Government, finally revoked his Overseas citizen of India (OCI) card. OCI is something similar to Permanent Resident Status or something like Green Card in the USA. It gives many benefits to former-Indian Citizens, their foreign born children/ grand children and non Indian spouse, category also consider some other eligibility criteria.

As the Indian Government stated OCI and PIO (Person of Indian Origin) were two different cards recently merged as a CIO card by Indian government.

Aatish’s mother is well known journalist in India with good connection in mainstream media and notorious Lutyens media lobby. Even before the decision of revoking Taseer’s OCI card, a portal called “The Print” (which is well know for its anti-establishment stand and a staunch Modi critique) published a article stating, “Govt considers revoking author Aatish Taseer’s OCI card after his Time article slammed Modi.”

Finally, after revoking his OCI card, as expected, the abusive anti-Hindu Taseer now have to play the role of a virtuous victim. Apparently, he wrote a piece in Time Magazine, blaming the Indian government for being vindictive of his article. That he wrote against Prime Minister of India Modi in the magazine article titled,“India’s Divider in Chief” in May 2019 during Indian elections.

Without any evidence, Taseer concludes that the Indian government revoked his OCI card due to him writing a critical article on PM Modi. Taseer tried to build his case with the statement;

“I was portrayed as an agent of shadowy Western interests determined to exert undue influence over the Indian election.”

Let examine the facts; the Indian election was concluded in May 2019. Modi became an incumbent Prime minister of India, with a colossal majority, even bigger that he got in 2014 election. So, why would he or his colleagues feel the need to be vengeful? Another pertinent question, is why did the “vindictive” Modi government wait the period from May 2019 till November 2019, to revoke his OCI card?

There are dozens of media houses and journalist who have critiqued PM Modi for almost two decades now. People like Brakha Dutt, Sadanand Dhume, Rana Ayyub just to name a few, who also contribute to the western media including major media houses like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post. These media houses and many anti-Modi journalist are still flourishing and are still vocal about their opinion in media and social media. Including Rana Ayuub, who spew venom against Hindus and India as a regular activity.

The critical question here is, why would Modi Government give such an importance to a “journalist” who wrote anti-Modi piece? If government wanted to be vengeful, they would had also taken action on other anti-Modi journalist, who are living in multi-million dollar houses and own acres of land in and around Delhi.

Taseer’s Article further mentions “The government had limited means by which they could legally take away my overseas citizenship.” India has a judicial system. If  Aatish Ali Taseer believes the government had “limited legal means” he could have appealed to the court and presented facts, rather than predictably playing the victim card in the media with assumptive conclusions.

His fanciful self assessment is,

“I am Westernized; I am English-speaking; I am part of the despised elite, also lives in a real world, published in the real world.”

Taseer’s allegations of are baseless and just another attempt to play the victim and denigrate India on a global level.

Giving his victim card an emotional slant he mentions…

“With my grandmother turning ninety, next year – and my mother seventy — the government has cut me off from my country and family.” He relates his supposed situation to a “of a much larger movement. The government that stripped me of my overseas citizenship had just stripped the state of Jammu and Kashmir of statehood, autonomy and basic human freedoms. In the northeastern state of Assam, it was acting to strip 1.9 million people – the great majority Muslim, – of citizenship, rendering them stateless.”

Taking his sympathy seeking article and his imagined victimization to another level he co-relates the developments in Jammu & Kashmir and “Muslim” in India to his situation and create a fictitious narrative.

As one of his tweet “I lives in the real world, published by real newspapers and real business houses. My idea’s are tested everyday in the freest city in the world.”  It fails to mention the reasons behind situations. The “real world” journalist conveniently forgets to mentions the facts, that the imagined Muslims victims in Assam was a legitimate process to identify illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The Indian Government published The National Register of Citizens (NRC), a list of people who can prove they came to the state by 24 March 1971, the day before neighbouring Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan. People were given 120 days to appeal against their exclusion.

Taseer continues to bypass the facts, with not a word, on stateless Hindus who migrated from now Pakistan post 1944 who are living on the streets, as stateless because Jammu & Kashmir’s (J&K) authorization hard-line Islamic politicians denied their citizenship based on article 35(A) (now revoked).

The “westernized real journalist” then mentions the narrative of “human rights violation” in the state of J&K due to abrogation of Article 370. He overlooks the slogans from mosques in Kashmir valley, “Hindu men leave back your daughters and women and vacate the valley or be ready to die.” It was not a threat but a pertinacious warning which resulted in ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the valley. Men were butchered, slaughtered in broad day light, women and young girls were raped.

The Hindus from the valley cannot go back to their houses (till date), which are now abandoned or taken over by local Muslims. Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus from the valley) are still living camps and are in EXILE in their own country.

I hope that “westernized people living in  freest city of the world” would know what is it like to be “Living in Exile”