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Just as Robert Duvall liked the smell of napalm in the morning, I like a good statistic to start the day.

Here are several:

In 2018, the average citizen in the United States consumed 220lbs of red meat and poultry during the year. That’s the highest of any country on the planet. If you multiply that by the approximate number of people in America (334 million and rising), it equals 73.4 BILLION pounds or 33.3 million tonnes of red meat and poultry consumed in 2018. China has approximately half that consumption rate despite a population 4 times greater than that of the United States. Thus, add the two together and you get a staggering 49.8 million tonnes of meat and poultry products consumed by the combined population of just two countries.

However, none of that matters. Because the bigwigs at London’s Goldsmiths College have decided to strike a huge blow for saving the world by banning the sale of beef products in its canteens. Yes, folks! It matters not about the Himalayan-sized mountains of beef gobbled down by the Yanks and the Chinks, those bods in New Cross apparently have the security of the world sewn up by this audacious move. One student, psychology undergraduate Isabelle Gosse, said she thought the move was “a really good start to being more environmentally friendly”. Mmm, maybe you should drop psychology and take up psychiatry, love. You’d make great subject material.

I’ve checked out the Opening-Hours website. Within a 3-mile radius of Goldsmiths lie no fewer than 10 McDonald’s restaurants (Deptford, Peckham, Greenwich, Shadwell, Whitechapel, Charlton, Fleet Street, Ludgate Hill, Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green). I wonder how many pounds of beef are sold in those every day? Then we add in the rest of London, the rest of the UK, the rest and Europe and finally the world. Mindblowing! Yet, in a move that can only be regarded as breaking new frontiers in delusion, Goldsmiths think banning beef products in its eateries will somehow make a difference!

If that’s the sort of brainwashing this particular institution is engaged in, I’d be very wary about sending my kids there to complete their undergraduate studies.