By Tony Morrison – our US Correspondent

February 20th 2020

 It was not that long ago that four young women burst onto the political scene with great fanfare. The four, Ayana Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were all new members of the US House Of Representatives elected in the mid-term 2018 elections.  They were so well-know they were given a superhero nickname by the adoring Media. As “Fantastic Four” and “Avengers” were unfortunately taken, “The Squad” it had to be.  And yet only a year or so later, the four have largely disappeared from public view save a minor shout-out here and there from the ranks of the woke children.  So what happened and why did the brave motherfucking impeaching green new dealing antisemitic politicos become sidelined so quickly?

For a start they did not push the brand enough for Media clicks. They were lionised originally as a united group of POCs (people of colour), all of whom were woke up the wazoo, down with the struggle and, last but not least, all hated Trump. The reality was a little different. They are the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young of political alliances, uniting only rarely when it suits them but still using the brand name.

Two of them, Tlaib and Omar, are the Crosby Nash duo, often working together due to shared friendship and interests, such as virulent antisemitism.


But the four rarely appeared together which rather diminished the brand name “The Squad.”

As individuals, however, they were all over the place for a while. A little too much as their exploits only went so far before even the Media became concerned about the whiff of the strange that always seemed to follow them around. Rashida Tlaib, for example, used her campaign finance money (from taxpayers) for personal purposes. In addition, she also appears to have committed fraud as to the fact she did not live in the Detroit district she claimed to represent. This according to her own father, who seems to have a grudge against his firebrand daughter. These are minor issues for a Dem politician as they are only investigated if a Republican commits them. Far more serious were her constant support of Palestinians that often morphed into outright Jew hatred. A majority of Jews in the US vote Democrat and are big contributors to the Dem Party. Awkward!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or “AOC”, also had campaign scandals to do with diversion of campaign funds into private accounts and payments to her boyfriend.  But again, no issue here due to her Dem-ness.  She is the most prominent of the four, as she always has something to say, whether tweeting, fulminating on the House Floor or delivering the most lunatic of all Dem plans, the “Green New Deal,” an attempt to bring socialism to the US under the guise of environmentalism.

Unfortunately, her remarks, or rather pronouncements, mostly on how the US would be much better off under socialism, are usually ill-informed and often just plain silly.  We are used to hearing nonfactual declamations in a tone of earnest conviction from our pre-teen children and Greta Thunberg.  But there is something weird about a 30-year old college-educated woman speaking in the same manner without any levening of life experience and knowledge.  She is a walking warning to all of us parents that the newfangled way of raising children by coddling our kids into their late twenties is not such a good idea.

At first it was refreshing for both the Media (clicks!) and the Dems (brave young woman!) as a whole. But she is a Congresswoman and there is danger in having a simpleton in this role.  Amazon had selected Long Island City (near AOC’s Congressional district) for their second headquarters with up to 25,000 jobs in a neighborhood that needed revival urgently.  But because AOC hates businesses (capitalism bad!) and misunderstood that the $3 Billion offered in tax incentives was not a gift but merely a tax rate decrease on potential tax revenues, she opposed it vociferously along with other more local politicians.  Amazon pulled out. Even mega-liberal New York pols like Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio were taken aback by the stupidity.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO….. THE SQUAD?After a year of all this, it gets old. When you are reduced to a joke that she thinks you can get coronavirus from drinking Mexican beer then it’s maybe time for another line of work. It looks like New York City will lose a House seat with the 2020 census, and the Dems running New York State look set to re-district her seat out of existence. But she has put a marker down on her future with an announced upcoming appearance on a cable reality show called “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” a drag show competition.  D-list reality shows with less than 1 million viewers could be in AOC’s future, and it’s not such a bad gig.  The Kardashians made a lot of money at this before fading away, or “Sashaying,” as RuPaul would have it.

Pretty bad you might think, but at least she is not accused of marrying her brother.  Which brings us to Tlaib’s partner in Jew hatred – Ilhan Omar.  Omar spent her childhood running from the brutal Somalian Civil War, including four years in a Kenyan Refugee Camp where she was rescued through the good offices of the US. Surprisingly, she has repaid the debt by shouting from the rooftops, every chance she gets, that the US is the worst of all countries. It’s rough to be someone like Omar, both a woman and a Muslim because everywhere folks are doing her down. Yeah, someone like her could never get to be one of only 435 House Representatives in such a bigoted sexist country.

Omar’s term in Congress has been marked by the most impressive set of scandals ever for an American politician.  It started with the usual Squad campaign finance scandal whereby she used the money for personal needs, including giving $500,000 to her boyfriend (more on this later).  But as she is a Dem, no issue.  But then her tweets pushing a nasty set of anti-Jewish tropes really could not be ignored.  Nancy Pelosi had to get up a House resolution decrying this awfulness. Of course, being sponsored by Dems the resolution became aimed at all bigotry (looking at you, white people) and Pelosi was at pains to say it was nothing really to do with Omar.


The scandals were just getting started. Next up was the curious nature of her marriages. She was married to Ahmed Hirsi, but then in 2009 married a British citizen called Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, which documents (and rumours in the Minneapolis Somali community) point to actually being her brother. Documents and rumours aside, she and Elmi moved to North Dakota where both went to college, and where both lived, strangely enough in the same apartment as Hirsi. Once the college was finished, Omar divorced the Husband Elmi version and re-married the Husband Hirsi version. A suspicious person would conclude that she had married her brother in order to get him into the country to go to an American University. Even the Federal Government has now taken notice. Three Government agencies are now investigating Omar – ICE (immigration fraud), Department Of Education (tuition fraud) and the FBI (general naughtiness).

Meanwhile her personal life is somewhat interesting. Husband Elmi version has now been kicked to the curb along with her three daughters, as the Congresswoman has chosen to live with her boyfriend instead.  Said boyfriend, Tim Mynett, divorced his wife last year, and left both her and his young son to hook up with the little minx.  Now this is no-one’s business, except for those whose lives she has ruined, but it is a political scandal back in Minneapolis where her base of support is a very conservative Muslim Somali community.  They don’t take too kindly to this decidedly non-Quranic lifestyle.

All this means there will be an interesting Dem primary in Minnesota’s Fifth District this summer.  Already, Omar has two challengers.  One is a Christian minister and one is an openly gay Black preacher.  No danger there for Omar as it’s not as if a conservative Muslim is challenging her.  But hold on, who’s this throwing her hijab into the ring?


Leila Shukri Adan is a Somali Muslim who is not divorced, has not broken up any families, and is running on a platform of concentrating on her district as opposed to being a Washington media name. This Dem primary is going to be well lit.

Ayanna Pressley is The Squad in name only these days.  Every so often she’ll pop up with some routine “USA Bad” nonsense.  This week she claimed the Constitution was “sexist,” which would have surprised the Founding Fathers who were at pains not to use the terms “women” or “men,” but used “persons” instead.  But she seems more concerned with her campaign to make those like her, who suffer from alopecia, not ashamed of the condition. She noted the coincidence of her losing the last of her hair the day Trump was impeached.

Ah, Trump!  Could the fall of the Squad be Trump’s doing?  Maybe a little. Trump has pretty much ignored the four loons since last summer, when he Tweet attacked them for being anti-Israel, anti-USA and pro-terrorist. Nothing wrong with that of course, as the ladies consider these compliments rather than insults.  They went cray-cray, however, on his wish for them to go back to the countries they had come from (bit difficult as all, except for Omar, were born in the US).  They made a huge deal about being attacked (I mean how dare he just because they kept attacking him), held a major press conference and had all the Dems leaders support them with the usual nonsense – Racist! Misogynist!  Fascist!


Since then Trump has backed off, apart from the odd slap to keep in fighting trim, as Trump had accomplished what he wanted. As the Dems reacted to a man, a woman (and any representative of the other 98 genders), with “Worse than Hitler” he had emphatically nailed the Squad’s colours to the Dem Party in a way that would be difficult to unnail in the 2020 election year.

Which brings us to the main reason the Squad are no longer the enfants terrible du jour.  The scandals around three of them have created a bit of a bad smell, even for the ever-fangirling Media.  But all the forces of the Dems (punditocracy, the Media, entire Dem establishment, all those who, if they were British, would have been remainers, etc.) have realised they don’t need damaged goods to push an agenda.  The Squad’s hardcore agenda of bizarre woke socialism has already morphed into much of the Dem policies going into the elections this year.  Like Trump, the Dems have realised making jobs-bashing brother-marrying low-info antisemitic weirdos your standard bearers, in what is after all still a center-right country, would ruin this.

As for the real standard  bearers, the Dems Presidential candidate warriors are all, without exception, in favour of the extremist socialist goals pushed by The Squad that four short years ago would have led Obama and other leaders of the party to say; “Hey, you might want to cut that out if you want to get elected anywhere outside of Portland.”  Such Squad-certified goals include Government takeover of all healthcare, benefits for illegal immigrants already in this country, complete open borders for those who are not, universal free child-care, universal free pre-kindergarten care, student loan forgiveness, slavery reparations, and of course tearing up our entire existing power supplies infrastructure. And these are just the least nutty.


Currently, the race is believed by the Media to have devolved to the lefties such as Warren and Sanders and those in the “center,” like Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Bloomberg (sorry, no Malarkey and no Joe).  Most of us are more realistic and understand it has devolved to a race between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.  Right now three of the Squad are on the side of the Bolsheviks as AOC, Tlaib and Omar have all endorsed Sanders, an actual declared socialist.  By coincidence he is also the favoured candidate of all Republicans and others wanting Trump to be re-elected and the House restored to Republican control.


It will be interesting to see the campaign slogans when the Dems eventually pick a Presidential candidate.  The 20th Century was a little weird with the complete re-structuring of pretty much everything, but we did learn two vital lessons.  The first is that the Germans will always try and take over Europe, and the second is that socialism emphatically does not work as the numerous failed countries who tried it in the last 100 years showed.  But because the Dems always do the opposite of what common sense would indicate, I would put my money on them going with “Forward to the 20th Century!”

After all, for the Dems today goes by so fast that the only thing they have to look forward to is the past!