Following scenes of violence in Oldham during a Tommy Robinson election rally at the weekend, it has emerged that the primary instigators of the violence were men belonging to an organisation called the ‘Muslim Defence League’. One must presume that the members of this group see it as an opposite to Robinson’s former organisation the English Defence League, known more commonly as the EDL. The EDL was originally set up to campaign against Muslim grooming gangs that were emerging in white working-class housing estates up and down the country, yet was smeared repeatedly by the mainstream media as a neo-Nazi organisation.

The Muslim Defence League has received very little coverage, and I think it is fair to say that many people, even on the right-wing side of politics, no very little about it. So here is what you need to know.

Their Facebook page has around 7,000 followers, and was created on the 2nd February 2017. Their mission statement is ‘to tackle Islamophobia, Racism in any town/city’. They also claim to educate about Islam and Muslims worldwide, though the most revealing thing of all is that they have a zero tolerance policy towards ‘blasphemy’. They frequently post about Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma) and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. There is also another Facebook account called Muslim Defence League 2, which was created in October 2013 and has a much smaller following.

They seem to be a largely social media based group, because as of the time of writing this article they have no dedicated domain for a website. Having said that, there is a free non-dedicated WordPress domain ‘muslimdefenceleague(dot)wordpress(dot)com’, which evidently stopped being updated in 2010. This particular WordPress site claims that the Muslim Defence League was initially a ‘tributary’ of the USoB (United Shades of Britain), which was a far-left anti-racism social media group. They also claim that USoB was formed because of the nationwide opposition to Islam4UK’s planned march in Wootton Bassett in January 2010, which was eventually cancelled. At the time, the planned route of this march caused outrage, because it would have taken place at the site where the bodies of British soldiers were repatriated to Britain from Afghanistan.

This in itself is interesting, because Islam4UK was founded and led by none other than Anjem Choudary, who has been convicted under the Terrorism Act 2000, and has also been officially labelled by the US  State Department as a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’.

USoB seem to have planned their own separate march at Wootton Bassett, which would have been separate from both the Islamist march and the patriotic march. It is unclear why the Muslim Defence League split from USoB, though the former’s campaign against ‘blasphemy’ no doubt played a role.

There seems to have been only one major recorded activity by any organisation called the ‘Muslim Defence League’ between 2010 and 2019. It involved a Britain First rally in Rochdale on the 22nd July 2017, which caught widespread media attention because of its determination to expose Muslim grooming gangs, which at the time was only just coming to mainstream attention. According to Manchester’s branch of the UAF (Unite Against Fascism), ‘the Muslim Defence League (MDL) organised up to 50 mainly Asian supporters to march from the Broadfield Park area of Rochdale to the town centre rally’. It is important to note that members of various Unions – who are tied to the Labour Party – also demonstrated alongside the Muslim Defence League at that march. The history of left-wing useful idiots enabling islamisation in Britain is long and depressing.

The final thing to note is a ‘Muslim Defence League’ closed group which exists on Facebook, and according to the website’s own records has over 17,000 members and was created 9 years ago. This would mean that the closed group was created in 2010, the same year that the Muslim Defence League went silent on WordPress. So the probability of there being a continuous organisation/group called the Muslim Defence League from 2010 to the present is almost certain.

The mainstream media have evidently never bothered to shine a light on the Muslim Defence League, which unlike the EDL has remained hidden from the public’s view and seems to be most active in the north of England. With Tommy Robinson out on the campaign trail and Britain becoming increasingly divided, the Muslim Defence League will no doubt become a depressing factor in our degenerate times.