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July 2nd 2019

By Tony Morrison – our US correspondent.

It’s Presidential Election season already in the Land Of The Free, and first out of the blocks is President Trump going for re-election to a second term. He opened his campaign spectacularly this week with a couple of events that pretty much guaranteed another four years in the Orange House.  The events were surprisingly called the “Democratic Presidential Debates,” but somehow Trump has co-opted his opponents to ensure his success!

The Democrats, and the Liberal elites in general in this country, have taken so many hits recently they seem to have lost their collective minds. They have a President they hate with the passionate heat of a thousand suns, who has been reasonably successful in his job so far, and the equally hated deplorables (most of the population of America) are swanking around the heartland with jobs and money due to said President.  This has caused the Dems to stray to the dark side to combat the hated one. The coup to overthrow an elected President with the Russian collusion nonsense failed abysmally (except in the eyes of the Dems) and so they have to turn reluctantly to the legal means of a democratic election to get rid of the guy. 

Trump won as a populist tapping into the aspirations of folks left out of the recent expansion of the American economy due to the impacts of globalism and the flight of core industries such as manufacturing. Despite their hatred, the Dems are desperately trying to copy that populism.  Only instead of providing incentives through the tax system to provide jobs in America and increase wages, they are advocating all kinds of free stuff, and being Dems, throwing in a weird mix of pandering, divisiveness and woke craziness.

And so to Miami this week.


The Dems have so many candidates that they had to winnow them down to 20, split into two nights.  And the moderators (from host network NBC and subsidiaries) were those who could be relied on to ask softball questions along the lines of “Republicans bad, how are you better than that?”  One of these guys, Chuck Todd, was so carried away with his explanations of how bad things are that he spoke more than the majority of the candidates (and he was only on stage for half of the four hours of debates). 

Trump originally planned to host the two nights through the medium of his Twitter account.  Unfortunately, he was on the plane to the G20 in Japan the first night and meeting with sundry country leaders the second night. 


And so he only tweeted twice. The first was on the first night when he channelled the thoughts of all watching an excruciatingly dull couple of hours with one word – BORING!

The only truly enjoyable moment of that first night was the War on Spanish.  Beto O’Rourke answered a question in bad Spanish early on. The other Dems were furious and gave him serious side-eye, not because he was openly pandering for the Dem much-coveted Hispanic vote, but because he did it first. 


Both Cory Booker and Julian Castro came back with some Spanish as well, and Elizabeth Warren looked as if she was going to break out the Cherokee, but it always sounds lame the second time. And not to be outdone, and to turn the pandering up to eleven, one of the moderators, Jose Diaz-Balart, asked a question in Spanish.  And all of us in the audience got caught up in the moment thinking “Este debate es un espectaculo de mierde.

Bill de Blasio was not called on very much so he could not unleash his espanol on the gang, but he remembered and saved it up for later. 


At the Miami airport the following day El Commandante de Nueva York addressed a rally of striking cargo workers and ended his oration with a stirring Hasta la victoria, siempre.  Typical Bill of course to finish with a communist rallying cry.  And even more typical of Bill he used the phrase associated with the Cuban Revolution in a city heavily populated by exiles from that revolution!  Even Trump did not bother tweeting on this foolishness.

The second night was a lot more energetic. The most memorable moment was when Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden. 


Unfortunately, it was not as funny as the first night’s linguistic throwdown as Harris chose to play the race card and this is always uncomfortable to watch.  Biden established himself as the front-runner early on as the US is still a center-right country and he is among the more moderate, i.e., less socialist, Dems. To take him down Harris (who is black), slammed his record on various race-based issues, such as his non-support of Federal busing programs in the 1970s to integrate schools.  She claimed she was one of the kids on the bus, going to white schools.  I’m not sure how a daughter of privilege (her parents were a scientist and a Stanford professor) needed to be bused to get a better education, but it must be true as she said it.

Biden is used to playing the race card when it serves his purpose, such as telling African-American audiences that Republicans intend to put them “back in chains.”   But when the card is played against him, like many Dems, he froze.  All he had to do was point out that 90% of Americans (black or white) are against busing their kids away from their neighborhood schools, but he didn’t. In fact, he was discombobulated for the rest of the debate. 


At one point he lost the plot so completely he answered a question about what would be the most significant legislative achievement of his hypothetical first term and said ”defeating Donald Trump.”  As for Harris it was a pre-planned job well done.  She had the T-shirts showing her as a girl being bused to school ready to sell that evening at $30 a pop.


For policy, the Dems were in remarkable agreement.  To a man and woman they all got behind various initiatives, and again, remarkably for a Presidential primary, ones that are strikingly at odds with the wishes of the American people. 

First up was the economy and Trump’s signature dish of tax cuts and capital return.  They’re against it and want to repeal, as they believe it is devastating the workers and enriching only the top 1%.  Yet in a recent CNN poll, 71% of Americans are pleased with the economy (it’s a CNN poll so the true number is probably >90%).  Wages are rising at 3.5%, while those with the lowest pay are doing the best of all – 4% growth.  Unemployment is at record low levels, including black unemployment which is at the lowest level ever. 

The Dems have considerable form in the area of believing that if you say something enough any facts can be gainsaid.  After all, this is the party of course that still believes the Mueller report shows Trump should be impeached.

A similar course was followed in their healthcare proposal of a public option, as opposed to the system of insurance that governs most of healthcare in the US.  We have a couple  – one is called Obamacare and it has been disastrous.  But no matter Dems are pushing for “Medicare for All,” giving the public option provided for seniors to all. They ignore the fact that seniors have paid for this option with payments every paycheck during their working lives, and believe the option will be funded magically.  Shout out to Bernie Sanders, however, as he was the only one honest enough to say taxes would have to be increased.

The bigger problem is that if you make the public option compulsory, as many Dems on the debate stage believe, you will eliminate all private healthcare insurance in the US.  In addition to being a catastrophic hit to our economy, 180 million Americans have healthcare insurance and the overwhelming majority are happy with it. Good luck with that, Dems. 

Healthcare also intruded into the illegal immigration policy debate.  All the Dems are for illegal immigration, as they believe the illegals will become citizens eventually and vote Dem, and most want the country to have open borders to allow it.  Yes, no security checks, no controls – just walk in when you feel like it, as long as you are doing it illegally.  There are currently 4 million folks waiting to enter this country legally right now, but get to our borders and you can cut the line.  If any Dem gets elected the USA would be number one in population within a year (estimates range from 2 billion to 5 billion), so there’s that.

The most chilling moment of the debates was on the second night when all Dems raised their hand in answer to the question whether they believed “Medicare for All” should be made available to the illegal immigrant population in this country


Trump was meeting with Merkel at the time over in Japan, but presumably seeing this on the TV over her shoulder, immediately engaged Twitter for his second and last tweet during the debates, pointing out that the Dems had lost the 2020 election right there.

Free stuff was an ongoing theme. 


The above list might seem enough of a big government push as together they total the biggest set of government programs ever imagined in any western democratic country; a set that would transform the country into a socialist utopia such as Venezuela.

But forgiveness of college debt and free college were piled on as well.  And then there was still more with single issues such as Andrew Yang’s proposal to give $1,000 a month to every American.  Why Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates getting this “freedom payment” would be a good idea was never explained.

And last, but not least, there was the biggest baddest problem that faces all Americans, nay the whole world: climate change!  The Dems believe this is an “existential emergency,” as in the words of Bernie Sanders at the debate “scientists say in 12 years the world will be irreparably damaged, unless we act now.”  The warming trend the world has experienced for the last 100 years or so will spiral out of control, due to CO2 released to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, and the world will burn up unless…we immediately give unlimited power over to unspecified government agencies to trash the economic system that made us wealthy. 


The Dems spent nearly all of the four debate hours in intense discussion on this issue, heroically outlining how they were going to save the world.  Except they didn’t.  In fact, they spent 15 minutes on the subject talking in platitudes only.  The Dem’s Green New Deal that actually outlined plans (utterly deranged, but still “plans”) to do something about the “climate emergency” has been laughed into the dustbin of history.  But the Miami performance bought back memories as to what happened when this resolution was voted on in the Senate this year and no Dem Senator, including all those in Miami, voted for it.  ‘Nuff said about what they really think.  Greta Thunberg is going to go medieval on these guys’ asses in September when, revivified after her tiring train journey from Stockholm to New York, she gives a speech at the UN.

It could be argued that the Dems were not as mental as all the above sounds, and only got carried away with their proposals in front of the enthusiastic audience of non-Cuban exiles in Miami.  Certainly, the walking back began as soon as the debates were over. Notably, Harris said she “misheard” when she answered yes to the question about whether she was in favour of eliminating all private healthcare insurance.  And then there was the old Sandinista warrior, de Blasio, calmly stating he did not know that the most famous Cuban Revolution chant was associated with …. the Cuban Revolution!  But the bad taste of the Dems’ dream of having Government control much of folks’ lives, coupled with the scary belief to treat anyone who wants to walk into your country better than the citizens who support it with their taxes, is not going to go away.

The mainstream media anointed Harris as the debate winner – the “new star” as CNN termed her.  But at this point, it is hard to see a candidate of the woke coastal elites outgunning the moderates like Biden in a country where only 35% call themselves “liberal” (these days another name for “socialist”). 

The true winner was of course Trump. Any more performances like this (and, heaven forfend, there are nine more debates to go!) and Trump will not even bother to campaign and just phone his re-election in. 

Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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